I think hanging a Confederate flag adjacent to Interstate 95 is a...


  • Winona - 7 years ago

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  • Richard Bohlman - 11 years ago

    I for one wish to thank the Media for all the wonderful coverage of this event. If not for them it would have just been another flag on another highway but they have given the event national and even international PR that no amount of local money could have purchased. They have through their coverage helped the VA Flaggers to receive donations for their I-95 project from all over the U.S. so thanks again Media for covering this event with more coverage then you even gave the 880,000 biker ride into DC a few weeks ago! Forward the Colors, Virginia!

  • Poppie G - 11 years ago

    I will defend the "flagger's" right to fly their flag as they please, however, the secession from the Union and starting a war by firing on Fort Sumpter was and remains Treason. Treason punishable by death. And let's not kid ourselves about "States Rights"... the only right they wished to preserve was the ability to own and keep a people in bondage as property and to be able to ride into non-slave states and kidnap free people into slavery based on the color of their skin.

    During and after reconstruction the very same flag became the symbol of lynching and terrorizing people of color. I'm not sure what sugar coated southern historical "heritage" to which people refer, perhaps some "Gone with the Wind" fairy tale, but for my part, I just don't agree. Trying to keep fighting an issue that's been done and settled for 150 years just seems a little wacky.

  • Paul Attema - 11 years ago

    People should be allowed to express their opinions. They own the land so they can do what they want with it.

  • O. Nelson - 11 years ago

    Interesting comments on the so-called positive attributes the flag should be known for. If it truly mimicked the values of the U.S flag then there would be no need for another flag. I concede some fought in the Civil war (on both sides) w/o the singular objective of preserving or abolishing slavery as their focus. Here's a question that gets to the heart of the matter: Suppose the Confederate army would have prevailed, would slavery have?
    a. ended at the relative same point in time
    b. ended later
    c. ended sooner
    Notice I didn't include a "never" option because world attention and pressure ensured its eventual demise.
    BTW - if you study the timeline you can also conclude the "KKK" sprung from the ashes of the demise of the South. This is not to say that everyone in support of flying this flag is racist and long for the return of things/ways as they were, but neither should supporters insult and name call opponents who have a different intellectual viewpoint of history. History isn't always honorable, regardless of which side one favors. I am in agreement that it's way past time to open up respectful and meaningful dialog but that can't happen until both sides are willing to come to the table w/o the "Come hell or high water I'm going to show them why I'm right" disposition.

  • Denise Mariner - 11 years ago

    It is all about heritage, not hatred. The South is known for taking great pride in honoring its ancestory and its ancestors. After the soldiers of the CSA were soldiers too and deserve to be respected and honored. Instead of condemning the action of flying the flag, it could serve to open up dialogue and get the truth out regarding what precisely happened during the Civil War, and, right after. If one takes the time to research the truth, one will see that the North had egg smeared on its face for their participation in keeping people in chains.

  • Billy J Foster - 11 years ago

    We have been flying Tennessee's largest (20'x30'/80' pole) since 2008 along the future Interstate 69 Corridor near Trimble, Tennessee.

  • James W. King - 11 years ago

    The Confederate flag represents Limited Constitutional Federal Government, States Rights, Resistance to Tyranny, and Christian Values and Principles. Thus it represents the same principles as the Betsy Ross U.S.flag--the principles America was founded upon. As America experiments with Globalism, Socialism, and Secular Humanism it is important for patriotic American's to fly the Confederate flag as a reminder of these basic principles. America has 2 choices--1.Reclaim our heritage or 2.we will eventually surrender our Constitution and Sovereignty to the New World Order--a Godless Socialist United Nations.
    Many black Americans have been indoctrinated by Northern Liberal Marxist Socialists to view the Confederate flag as a symbol of racism and bigotry. They are being used and manipulated for political purposes to assist in the conversion of America to socialism and secular humanism. The infamous Communist Karl Marx said "A people separated from their heritage are easily persuaded". This is the real reason they want to destroy and ban Confederate heritage and symbols which are 180 degrees diametrically opposed to Socialism and Secular Humanism. The Communist Lenin coined the term "useful idiots". Many white liberals fit this catagory as well as Southern politicians who are helping destroy Confederate principles, heritage, and symbols.

  • John R. Mueller - 11 years ago

    The confederate battle flag is a part of the building of this great country's history and should be honored as such.....AMERICAN HISTORY......not hate.

  • Winston Scott Bell - 11 years ago

    Every time I see the Confederate flag it is a thrill. Wow, that flag is beautiful. It represents honorable Southern heritage.

  • Abel - 11 years ago

    Large Flag on I95 In Georgia, more on I 16. Pass one at least every hour of travel in the State. Not to mention hundreds of small Battle Flags.
    Like another poster said its the South.

  • John Adams - 11 years ago

    We have three such flags in Florida. a 60' pole with 15x20' flag, a 100' pole with 30 x 50' flag, and a 140' pole (in Tampa at intersection of I-75 and I-4) with a 30 x 60' flag. All fly Confederate Battle Flags. After some initial nonsense in the press, there has been nothing said about these flags for years. The one in Tampa is passed by over a million cars a day. It can be seen for 5 miles. All 3 sites are private property owned by the Sons of Confederate Veterans, Florida Division. Total investment in these 3 sites is in excess of $300,000. All we have to do is let a flag get worn or torn, and we are indunated with calls from motorists telling us the flags need repair. Georgia has at least 2 flags on I-75 at the 100' height, and Alabama has one 100' flag on I-65. Virginia is actually coming to the table late on this one.

  • John Weir - 11 years ago

    God bless the Virginia Flaggers. It is a beautiful flag. The only problem is it just is not big enough. God Bless Dixie.

  • Kim M. Beck - 11 years ago

    This is the South and it should look like the South. God bless them for supporting Confederate history and heritage!

  • Calvin Johnson - 11 years ago

    God bless those who honor the Confederate soldier and fly the Southern flag of honor.

  • Glen Allen - 11 years ago

    What flag people hang on a pole on their private property is their business, if we don't like it, we don't have to solute it, or look at it. The flag in question hangs all over the place - various poles, sides of homes, on car bumpers and truck rear windows, etc. The flag itself is a piece of cloth, what it represents depends on your own interpretation, and only you define that.

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