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  • Tobias - 10 years ago


    I would love to see you doing more reviews and detailed in depth guide for those like me who really wants to make an effort to being a better dresser, but dont really know where to start or what rules to go by. At the age of 18, I feel your style is something to work towards, but I need to brawl it about to a somewhat more suitable style to the different situasions you meet as a student. (read: parties, dates, café, celebrations, school and formal.) I would also love more in depth on where and how you pick out your amazing fits! I can never seem to find the pieces that fits my (though rather average) body type just right!

    I love reading about you, as a source of inspiration- but I love it just as much when you make it about the readers- because I really want to achieve my own personal variation of what I feel you have accomplished so very, very well in your personal style.


  • Dan - 10 years ago

    Oy. My biggest pet peeve is seeing womenswear and random expensive bourbons on menswear blogs. I like your taste in clothes, please consider at least weaving all your stories around strictly menswear pics.

    Just my 2 cents.

  • Thaven Naidoo - 10 years ago


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