Do You Buy Russell Simmons's Apology?


  • tnwoman1948 - 11 years ago

    Simmons is ALL about the MONEY! He has a lavish/materialistic COSTLY lifestyle to maintain. A close relative of mine asked me to help him research and eventually purchase a prepaid debit card. While doing the research, I discovered that Simmons has one of those cards available under his name. Well, you can be assured I WON'T be purchasing one of his cards!

  • Darnetta LaShawn - 11 years ago

    What I don't understand the over 88% of those that chose NO as their answer for the questions that Simmons owed an apology!! They are COMPLETELY AND UTTERLY insane to thing that he doesn't need to in the least try to apologize for this poor taste in attempt to humor!

  • starr - 11 years ago

    russell in this instance is like cancer, totally destructive of all around him. if he was so committed to this tragedy he should have had his mother and daughters star in the video. actually he still can do a video with his daughters since they are so light skinned and have them be raped repeatedly by the "massa and a big black buck"!!! if he truly believes the degradation of a woman and heroine is funny or worthy of his attention and monetary gifts, i expect him to follow my idea fully, completely and PERSONALLY with women he professes to LOVE. don't brag on your charitable tax exempt money donated to the children in the arts and then produce trash like this!!! russell has no respect for people as shown in this case and he has no right to chastise don lemon or anyone else when he proves by his actions who HE IS.

  • Jade - 11 years ago

    This is offensive to everyone.. Black men and women and even white men and women!! I've got a great sense of humor and am ok with humor that walks the line a bit. But this is flat out not funny. Not even a little. What next... Gonna have a child version of this with a kid having sex with their kidnapper in order to save other kids being held captive?!

    It's sick and disturbing. It's spitting on the memories of so many. It is spitting in the face of anyone who has ever been raped. And spitting in the faces of men who are sick of being portrayed as mindless brutes incapable of controlling their urges. In other words... Anyone human just got slapped in the face with this.

    And no... No apology makes it ok. You don't take the time to make this video and not know you are a dick. They knew it and are only saying sorry now because they are being called out.

    No more tolerance for racist, sexist, bigots.

  • Sheldon Manns - 11 years ago

    Fu_k that house negro Russell Simmons! He stopped being Black and a man many years ago. Just ask Kimora.
    He has been part of the imperialists, a Boule' (do our homework) ball-licker and seeks to sell us like he sold his soul, cheaply.

  • Julianne - 11 years ago

    I'd like to comment, but I can't stop throwing up.

  • marcia johnson - 11 years ago

    I believe that Russell is only selling funny entertainment which it was meant to be to viewed as for those
    who told themselves that they where actually the slave person that experience this kind of disgrace is crazy hell back in those days Harriet Tubman might of gotten a laugh out of it herself. You must admit the
    material was funny and a black man not only thought of it but actually put it to work,

  • Janice - 11 years ago

    The damage has already been done.. God has blessed you beyond measure an this is what you offer back to him. I am deeply sadden by your humor ... an this shows me where your prayer life is at.... In all your ways acknowledge him an he will direct your path.. clearly YOU DID NOT ...

  • bbland - 11 years ago

    This clown talked about Don Lemon. RU$$ $IMMON$ ALL ABOUT A $$$$$

  • Lisa Shields - 11 years ago

    Absolute disrespect! Mr. Simmons should be totally ashamed of himself and this video! There is NO HUMOR anywhere to be found about slavery and the degradation that our people suffered! SHAME, SHAME, SHAME ON YOU, Russell!!! You've lost my respect!!!

  • veronica coleman - 11 years ago

    Shame on you. You just set black people back 167 years and took one of our few heros with it. You and this tape are an embarrassment!

  • sandra - 11 years ago


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