Do the rappers dissing Kendrick Lamar Have A Point?


  • ProfessLCH - 9 years ago

    I stayed up so late and replayed that track so many times? An observer of my Twitter timeline was all like "didn't you just go to bed 5 hours ago?"

    I didn't know what she meant until it became clear that a TON of us lost our MINDS over those bars. And that beat. And the swagger that was SELF-referential, boastful, aspirational, and respectful, all at once. It was a thing of beauty and made me feel ALIVE. This was hip-hop before the corporations killed it. I lifted bits for my Facebook status updates. I Tweeted and RT-ed the link (thanks for the original, Rod) and lyrics for hours on end.

    Lemme end this feedback. I need to listen to it again and now.

  • Deon - 9 years ago

    The only negative thing about Kendrick's verse on Control was all of the wack ass rappers who temporarily got a reprieve from their shifts at UPS and decided to release some new shit. If the only way you can get some shine or attention is by responding to one of the main niggas on top of that rap game now that says alot more about you than it says about them. Now let us never speak of this again and hopefully Papoose, Fred the Godson, Buddens and people of their ilk just go away.

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