Was The Pastor Wrong For Suggesting A Weave Ban?


  • Paula Rice - 7 years ago

    if the Pastor taught the true word of God to his church from Genesis to Revelation maybe they would have the faith and wisdom to lay hold to the blessings and opportunities that God has for them, How does He know how much money some woman spends on her weave her hair or any thing else Stick to the Bible and not his opinion. Thats how cults are created. Mans control instead of Gods word. How much does his car cost? Build women especially women of God and stop attacking Gods children especially His daughters. It s is not Christlike behavior.

  • m.young - 11 years ago

    I agree with Eileen, The message is truly understood but delivered in the
    wrong way. I hope the Pastor will review his delivery and rephrase the
    much needed message to our black women.

  • Franniemae - 11 years ago

    I read some of the comments made and one person stated God said come as you are that is true but it means if you are a liar, drug addict, robber, etc. it doesn't mean what you wear or how you look. If a person want to wear a weave that is them, but if you are taking from your house hold to get the weave that is another story. If I paid money for a weave I'm not taking it out because someone told me too. What if I have cancer or something else that makes my hair fall out would he want me to come to church with patches of hair missing or half bald? If his church is doing so bad, don't take a salary, but it is something not wright at that church if everyone is struggling. My Pastor don't receive a salary but once a year and that is when we celebrate the Pastor & Wife Anniversary and he turn around and spend the money on the church, example our kitchen was small at the church now it's enlarged. He should take his salary and put it back into the church if he lead by example his church will follow

  • sheiladouglas70 - 11 years ago

    It sounds like this pastor is one of many men who don't like to see women in weave, wigs or make-up. They prefer the natural look. But men in general have a hard time finding the other side of a woman's beauty when weave is being worn. They need to know that not all things that some women wear make them who they are. Many of us as women may need to wear a little extra hair to enhance the look in order to bring out the facial features. Not all women have hair that they can be proud of. Some have hair that just won't grow no matter what they do. Some women have receding hair lines that recedes away from the forehead which is not a good look for a woman. Some women have thin hair, short hair, kinky hair, wavy hair, curly hair and the list goes on. More so, this pastor needs to be told that what he said is his opinion only and that others need not to take heed to his message. Did he not think that he may have broken down a teen or an adult who may have self-esteem issues with themselves due to their hair. This is very offensive, many women suffer with severe hair loss and disease which cause the hair to fall out and leave patches that may or may not grow. Some of these pastor's need to get a clear understanding and ask questions from individuals who wear weaves or wigs before they go running their mouth about a touchy issue. Yes, some women do wear weave that hang down their backs portraying themselves to be something that they're not. Yes, I'm going to say it!! Some want to be white and act like they're from the Dominican Republic; they would fit in where they can get in. But this still have nothing to do with a woman being the person that she is and wanting to look good. Whether it's for self or someone else. No one wants to be disrespectful in any way but, this pastor needs to be pulled to the side by his board members and told that he need to revise this comments/statement to his congregation because the issue at hand is off limits and have nothing to do with GOD glory. He may have also offended many men who have wives or fiances who may not have a problem with their significant other wearing weave to enhance themselves. I guess he enjoys his fist Lady (if he have one) looking like Buck Wheat. It's not merely to say that many women don't like wearing their hair, again it's the other side of feeling and wanting to look beautiful as a woman. My former pastor once made a statement and I quote, "Some of you woman need to wear your weave and wigs, if that's what it take to make you feel better, then wear it. And yes his wife wore weave and he had no problem with it. My pastor who is a female First Gentlemen have no problem with her wearing weave for the 20+ years they've been married. She wear weave because her hair has always been short of growth and baldness from the time I knew her as a child. Now that she is in her 50's, her hair has become more thinner. I hope his comments wasn't base on some sort of jealously. Could it be that his First Lady, (again if he have one) has hair but don't look as good as the other women in the church who wear weave and gets all the attention. I don't know I'm just wondering.

  • wilbur moore jr - 11 years ago

    if his church is struggling financially he need to cut his salary,as the women stop buying weave,thats the end of that message !!and i love the Loed !

  • DMc - 11 years ago

    I'm sure he still expects his financially struggling members to pay their tithes regardless of how much they are struggling....With or without weaves.....

  • MalikB - 11 years ago

    Low self esteem and western programmed ideas of beaty have no place in a house of worhip.....on second thought maybey they do!

  • Vanessa - 11 years ago

    I agree with the pastor! I teach at a school where many of my students' families are in the same situation. Their families don't have money to pay bills or have food for dinner (breakfast and lunch are free at school), but somehow they muster up enough money to get new $100 sneakers, have their hair done, or come into school with $200 phones (5th/6th graders DO NOT need cell phones). The sad thing is that most of them spend money on these things so that they don't look like they can't afford it. I think that the pastor is saying that we need to get our priorities right and stop worrying about how we look. Changing how we look on the outside to others isn't going to change what's going on financially at home. That money could be spent on paying important bills or saved for a better use.

  • tajuana Mcnear - 11 years ago

    God says come as u r. If i have a weave this week that mean dont go to church. A man of god is judging and there is only ONE JUDGE. That is that evil flash

  • Sheyla - 11 years ago

    That is their personal business. However, the good pastor should be preaching on dead beat dads and those that do not step up to the plate to the women they have fathered children by. Some I'm sure that are in his congregation. Focus more on what people should be doing right in their lives for their family and less on how women choose to wear their hair.

  • S. Coleman - 11 years ago

    It's a good message but delivered in the wrong way. He should have been teaching to be a good steward over that which has been provided. Because if your spending $300 on hair and your lights are off and your refrigerator is empty and your coming to the church for them to assist, then that's a problem. He needs to do workshops teaching people to manage their money and how to budget.

    Secondly just because you were a weave don't mean you spent a lot of money on it . Cause if you have a Kitchen-Beautician you can get hooked up for a little of nothing and most sisters can do their own hair!Or they have family to do it for them. And everybody has a hook up on where to get the best hair for the least amount of money!

  • coco - 11 years ago

    "Touch not God's anointed", I will say that if these staff members are wearing 300 dollar weaves, they are paying way too much. I think he was trying to teach them about being vanity. Believe they are not taking off the hair just to make someone less fortunate feel at ease.

  • PORSCHE - 11 years ago


  • Mr. Powers - 11 years ago

    God made you beautiful the way you are and said it was good! I commend this pastor for standing up and reproving the congregants. Jesus wasn’t crucified for bringing a sweat pat on the back sermon type of guy, he was crucified for bring the word of truth. I blame the majority of pastors who has allowed this to spiral out of control by allowing any and everyone to set the standards for fear of losing congregants. Seems to me their pockets are the only things of concern and not the soul. How can you put a difference between holy and unholy if you bring the very thing that’s highly esteemed in the world (videos) to the church setting? The lord did not set his love upon us nor choose us because we were more in number, why we were the fewest of all people. Why do you think there was only eight saved in the days of Noah? This weave practice has gone too far so much so as mothers putting them on their young children. What an expensive habit to teach! I think more preacher should preach this. The word says we should not adorn ourselves with costly array. God word is sharper than any two edge sword it will pierce you which it has done that’s why the people are crying out instead of humbling themselves. Finally based on the comments of some people on other forums, I question if they are even Christians.

  • Eileen Marion - 11 years ago

    Message understood, poorly delivered.

  • Ms. Fabulous - 11 years ago

    He needs to not worry about weaves preach the word of gospel. But i do agree on one thing IF and I am saying IF you are a female and you are struggling financially a $300.00 weave is not the right thing to spend your money on. For all of those who can afford it buy what you want.

  • calanda - 11 years ago

    if women have to give up there weave then, we can come to church without a pay check or money coming in his hand.preach for free.

  • Rolland Johnson - 11 years ago

    First and foremost, that's not his church, it's the church of the community. The pastor can't make rules, he is a pastor not a dictator. Keep his personal feeling and values to himself that have nothing to do Christian teaching.

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