What are your 3 favorite things to read on Phat Friend?

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  • Tony - 8 years ago

    Only having 3 votes sucked. It's also strange to me that the least voted for thing is shit promotional to your job. Obviously that shouldn't go away. I want to know what you're working on or when I can come catch a show or whatever. There's really never been a post that I haven't read or haven't laughed my ass off while reading. Kudos to that.

  • Rudy S. - 8 years ago

    Truthfully, there hasn't been a single instance where I haven't laughed at loud or showed someone one of your posts. While I particularly enjoy the three I voted for, your take on things is why I read and will continue to do so. Keep cynicism alive, it's funny to read and even more fun to share.

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