Do You Think Customer Service Doesn't Work As Hard For People Who Are Nice?


  • Chuck Spears - 11 years ago

    Having worked in customer service in he past, I generally used to give an equal level of quality service to all. The exception being assholes. The louder they complain, the less of a f**k I was likely to give. At a certain decibel level I would defer to a supervisor or manager. Getting through a day in retail is hard enough without having to t contend with jerks. Actually the nicer/friendlier a person I would deal with, the more help I would offer.

  • ProfessLCH - 11 years ago

    I listened to this show after I'd put my ongoing mad about an ongoing matter on ice.

    Listening to Karen's Sleeping Giant awake got me equally FIRED UP! As soon as I got home? I drafted a TERSE and TOUGH e-mail and didn't shoot it off ... just yet. I'm letting it cool for another day before I ether the recipient's inbox.

    I don't understand why folks who are nasty get better, faster, more respectful service. I know when people are nasty to me? The LAST thing I'm doing is making their lives easier. THEEE. LAST. THING. That's when I'M the jerk. So, I really am not sure how or why this works.

    But, like Karen? I guess I need to learn how and why nastiness works. Again: I don't understand how it does. I do know that I've seen it. I'm going to need a lesson or something, smh.

  • clout2k - 11 years ago

    It all depends on who you are talking to really. I just ran into problem with my cable so I used my system that always gives me good results.

    Be nice to technicians, representatives or anyone who deal with customers as a function of their job but still ask to speak to a supervisor. That'll put them in a position to advocate for you when they send it up the line.

    Middle management though, unload on they asses while avoiding cursing. It also helps to constantly hint at wanting to talk to someone above them, but if they give in right away and send you up the ladder you probably overplayed your hand because they already know they are on good terms with their boss. However more often then not, that person in middle management who is getting paid just enough to have to care but not enough to not give a fuck will make the impossible happen for you.

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