What is the ? room?


  • Susan Waldrop - 3 years ago

    We used it as the toy room for the boys...so that the adjacent living room was more adult space.

  • Angela - 5 years ago

    Was it originally the dog trot part of the house? It would be a dandy library now.

  • Jeanne - 8 years ago

    I like Leslie's idea of making this room a combination Study/Office and a Library. I can see shelves, both open and closed, from floor to ceilling. The closed shelves could have doors that match the new kitchen cabinet doors. Behind the closed shelves could be storage for items that do not find space in the kitchen.....Open shelves for books and art objects......closed shelves for pantry items, kitchen equipment, table linens, office supplies, for a clutter free look.......Love your blog and the details you share with each project and especially the wonderful skill you have for writing and telling your story.

  • Leslie - 8 years ago

    Children, children. Reid, you know Weezie's affinity for basset hounds; the art piece/doorstop must stay, especially if it was a gift from your mother-in-law. Don't even argue. But Weezie, Hokie paraphernalia is important too, as it represents Reid's life long attachment to that fine institution. However, I do think the computer tower can probably go. P.S.

    Actually if I could have voted for two options, I would have voted for a library space as well. I think it should be an office/study/library combo. In shades of burnt orange and Chicago maroon, perhaps? And basset hound wallpaper?

  • Weezie - 8 years ago

    Somebody's in the dog house with their mother-in-law.

  • Zacki Murphy - 8 years ago

    When my family there there, the many years that our home was known as "Seven Hearths," that was one of the gathering rooms where we always has a fire going in the winter. We referred to it as "the red room." It had a lovely dark red wall paper. We had a couch facing the fire place and there were lots of daddy's medical books and others stored at the room's narror end. As a teenager I got into "Lady Chattery's Lover" and more dangerously into Daddy's book about how to hypnotize. By age 15, I was experimenting on my friends...Because of the intimancy, I would keep it as a cozy gathering place, add 2 built in book cases connected by a place to use as a desk....Oh, we also had a parakeet cage by the books....Think sister Karen and I should come over soon and do a walk through with you and Weezie...and tell you MORE stories!

  • Sallie, the mother-in-law - 8 years ago

    I am the previous owner of that lovely ceramic basset hound; and, for your information, it is not a doorstop. It was purchased and treasured for many years as a work of art. I bestowed it on my daughter at her request never thinking that it would be relegated to such a mundane and, dare I say ordinary. place in the Old Ordinary.

    I would guess the room was a more intimate greeting space or warming space in the past but I vote for its future use as a formal dining room.

  • Nancy Rosebaugh - 8 years ago

    was this space part of the ordinary? its position adjacent to front door makes me think it was a space to welcome, warm, conduct rooming arrangements, stash travelers' luggages, direct them to the food source... an informal gathering space, in other words.
    for any professional living in downtown hillsborough, e.g. physician, attorney, it could have been a work space and/or meeting space - will you tell us how it feels for you?

  • Suzanne - 8 years ago

    I like the idea of an office or study with a couple of comfortable reading chairs on either side of the front window. Have really been enjoying your blog.

  • Weezie - 8 years ago

    The basset hound door stopper is lovely and whimsical. All of those damn plastic containers we lugged from Chapel Hill filled with somebody's Virginia Tech college papers, books, etc, not to mention the computer tower that I know is still in the back of your car and has been since our move are not. The door stopper stays.

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