Do You Have To "Trick" Your Significant Other Into Letting You Do Things You Enjoy?


  • da_ticklah - 11 years ago

    To any man dealing with this shit I have one thing to say.

    You know all women have pussies right, this needy heifer does not posses any magical shit

  • clout2k - 11 years ago

    I don't think I've ever got to do a single thing I've wanted to do in my entire life. Case in point, I was sitting down to watch a Sunday golf game and my wife stands in front of me with her arms crossed. I got sooo instantly scared that I pissed myself, tucked my tail between my legs and started kissing her feet immediately. It was a close call but I think I did the right thing. All ya'll dudes is lying to the people, you bout to get men fucked up. Wait here she comes *log off*

  • Miss Krysable - 11 years ago

    FYI Ron...that's deep........................throat

  • Miss Krysable - 11 years ago

    *Gabby sigh* Unfortunately I don't have a significant other to trick or treat. But I think I need to do more tricking and crying and game playing to get you XY chromos to do what I want. My prob, I put things out on the table if your down then awesome but if not, I move on. Them heffas that play games and use trickery and crying games on the other hand always seem to win at least on the outside looking in. So is honesty and reasonableness always the best policy? Maybe not.

  • Ron - 11 years ago

    No sense in lying to the person you mash genitals with. Lies only get more convoluted the more layers you have to throw on, then there is the scandalous discovery moment. There are fights, screaming matches, tears, and in the end you wind up alone on your back, legs over your head trying to suck your own dick after binge eating cheetos and sucking down bottles of cheap random beer.

    That is no way to go through life. Just tell the truth.

    And if you can suck your dick, well, good for you.

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