Do You Think Ben Affleck Is the Right Choice to Play Batman?

113,253 Total Votes

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  • Loki - 6 years ago

    This has got to be the worst news in comic to movie history. To those of you that are saying, "It's just a movie.". WRONG! This type of comment comes from someone saying oh well about a not so funny Ben Stiller or Adam Sandler movie. People have been fans, looked up to and called him their hero of choice fictional or not for 75 f*cking years now. It really is like when they hire someone like assfleck to be batman like they are spitting in all of our faces.

    Ben Assfleck has no business playing this role and it is so painfully obvious that the WB was just trying to hire a big name. They pick a big name and give them a contract thinking it will make them big bucks but they don't even make them audition to see if they would fit the role. What gets me is even if none of the people that call the shots at the WB are big fans of Batman in general and only see dollar signs, how they think pissing off a sizeable portion of the movies fan base is going to help their revenues.

    I have never been much of a fan of assfleck but it doesn't mean he can't be casted in good movies. However he does have to be right for the role. Yes, he is a actor but there are actors and there are ACTORS. He is the kind of actor that can play a role but he is playing the role as Ben Assfleck. If the role fits HIM it works for HIM. What I mean there is ok, this is him him if Ben was a bum. This is him if Ben was a lawyer. He is not an ACTOR because he is not capable of being someone other than himself. The role of an ACTOR is one who is a turnip that when you put into a movie are an apple. For him he is a turnip that you cast in a movie that has a character in it that happens to also be a turnip.

  • nino - 6 years ago

    I dont know why always in all comik change actors! Ok for spiderman bacause the old actor is sit bat and bataman NOOO!!

  • maria - 6 years ago

    Why change this batman??? Is the best and he is a gorgeous!!!
    I thing that christian BALE sould to be and sould!!! Cristian love youuuu

  • xristina - 6 years ago

    Cristian beil forever

  • NHALDZ - 7 years ago

    no! i don't like affleck to play the role of batman because he's trademark now in his superhero from marvel comics DAREDEVIL. maybe christian bale continue his mantle as the dark knight hopefully.

  • Tyger - 7 years ago

    Ben Affleck can act and has done well in quite a few of his films but the bottom line is that as an action hero he is okay at best. I know that people are saying that maybe he'll surprise us like Heath Ledger did but the fact that they want to make Batman more seasoned and gritty Ben Affleck just doesn't have the persona.
    Josh Brolin makes an amazing amount of sense. He would make the best Batman to date.

    With Ben Affleck as Batman I may go see it in the theatre...once.
    If Josh Brolin were to play Batman I guarantee I would see it in the theatre at least twice and I would definitely buy the DVD.

    It seems obvious that a lot of other people feel the same, do the math.

  • Claudia Simonelli - 7 years ago

    I thought Clooney was atrocious. Ben is worse. Who knew that was possible?

  • m - 7 years ago


  • Tanya - 7 years ago

    On my previous comment i meant people thought Heath Ledger could have been a bad Joker. Also for those people who think he did a bad job at Daredevil some of you guys need to think though also sometimes an actor is good but the directors make them look bad give the guy a little bit of credit.

  • Tanya - 7 years ago

    I think personally yes he might fail but there's that situation for every movie, but no one thought Heath Ledger could have done a good Joker cause he was a romantic movie guy. He ended up shocking everyone and it became the role that is one of the biggest he is remembered by. Mark Ruffalo another guy known for chick flicks, made one of the best Hulks we had on the Avengers. Also if you realize in the past the new director of batman is having a very good time of supriseing us with these actors, cause a lot of who he hires once you think about it is chick flick guys and have we been disappointed yet? So I think Ben Affleck deserves a chance, and I think he might actually surprise us if you give him the chance after all the previous actors did.

  • JD CASTRO - 7 years ago

    Adam West great 60,s cartoon-like Batman, Keaton great Batman image in his first film, Kilmer & Clooney a big shame batman, like a cheap comedy series.
    Christian Bale by far the best Batman image, dark, fearsome, outstanding!!!
    After those, Ben Affleck as Batman.....really???....really??? are you FKN serious?????????????
    If Bale doesnt want it again, get a new guy, or a tougher one!

  • Brian Sibert - 7 years ago

    Ben Affleck is not worthly to wear the suit of batman just like Val @ Clooney wasn't hell insteant of Ben playin batman you should just have his wife play the part lease she can do a better job then him he sucked at daredevil anybody could of done alot better than what he did Ben playin the part is going to make batman look like a pussy

  • roy diogo - 7 years ago

    hes an academy award winner plus a good director(argo) why would he want to play batman unless its some sort of childhood thing.

  • hansan - 7 years ago

    give the guy a chance ! come on !

  • Rossana - 7 years ago

    Ben Affleck is good actor ,but for Batman .I vote for Channing Tatum can be an Excellent Batman.

  • Michelle - 7 years ago

    While I love Christian Bale as Batman, Ben Affleck is an accomplished actor with a long line of hit movies. I think he will fill the shoes quite nicely. I really do not understand why so many people are so against him playing this role. I think he can pull off any character.....hes a great actor.

  • Shelby - 7 years ago

    While I think Ben has the capability of being dark and taking the reins from Mr. Bale, I much more prefer Christian as Batman. He perfectly fits the orphaned rich boy routine, while fitting into the costume perfectly. I enjoyed Affleck in Daredevil, but I can't seem to get his roles in the Jay and Silent Bob movies out of my head. I'm not happy with this one, but we shall see how it goes.

  • arjun - 7 years ago

    Robert Drowney jr. made IRON MAN wonderful ,Chris Evans made CAPTAIN AMERICA the leader, and so is Christian Bale who made the BATMAN THE DARK KNIGHT. DARK KNIGHT RISES IS IN THE LIST OF TOP BOX OFFICE MOVIES AND RATED MOVIES AND if u want the "superman and batman " sequel of MAN OF STEEL to top THE "FLOP BUSTER" LIST please continue with the choice of a newcomer as dark knight!

  • Jay Em - 7 years ago

    If this boring, bland GQ smooth takes on Batman, it'll def be a small, very 'inexpensive' screening for me. If I can be bothered at all that is. It will surely pop up as a snooze-matiné, some Christmas to come...Zzzzzz Ben F###ing Affleck - JEEEEZ what an absolute shite decision!

  • DDH - 7 years ago

    Here's my take. I like Affleck but I love the story of Batman/Dark Knight. History has shown that WB doesn't know what to do with this amazing story and character and in my opinion LUCKED UP to have ONLY two incredible directors, Burton and Nolan, to make the Batman a something to look forward to event. Keaton made an Amazing Batman because he made an Amazing Bruce Wayne. We loved his Batman even more for that reason. Yet Bale is the All To End All of actors to portray this iconic character due in large part to the writing and direction of Nolan. Replacing Bale at this point would be like putting a four cylinder engine in a Bugatti; you will be going nowhere fast. Besides, it will be TOOOOO soon for movie goers and fans to see a new/old face as OUR Dark Knight. Christian Bale is OUR Dark knight and has been for almost 8 very successful years. He has made both entities, Bruce Wayne and The Batman, believable and box office hits. This is a very important FAN BASED point. We don't got to the theaters to see Clark Kent, we go to see Superman no matter WHO the actor is. BUT, when we go to a Batman film we're going to see Bruce Wayne as well. Affleck may do well behind the cowl, but Batman IS Bruce Wayne and I don't think he will fair well there. We have to like the Bruce before we like the Bat; i.e. Clooney and Kilmer. Zack Snyder is great but he is NO Nolan. Directing a man from another planet is a hell of alot different than directing a huMan Batman. I don't know. I'm like most commenters here; just not excited anymore. Bale or I'm bailing.

  • Jennifer - 7 years ago

    I have really enjoyed almost every actor who has ever played Batman. However Ben Affleck is such a disappointing choice, he has already proven that he can't fill a superhero role. If I'm having trouble sleeping most Affleck films will bring on the z's. This will be a huge mistake and Warner might as well categorize it with Gigli. I'm sorry if I wanted to listen to a dramatic, overly whining male...I'd go talk to my least that wouldn't cost me money and my sanity...just my sanity. Definitely a movie I won't be going to see if Affleck is the choice.

  • Brandon L.M. - 7 years ago

    Yes, Ben Affleck may be a great actor, but he's already tried and failed with a Superhero movie. Wasn't Daredevil enough to tell us that he shouldn't be stepping into an even bigger spotlight like what he's doing with Batman? Well, that's my opinion, but I could be totally wrong.

  • dave - 7 years ago

    i hate when an actor plays two comic character its very annoying, whats wrong if they leave bale, and the new superman to continue so there can be a better intro to justice league, what a bunch of know it all.

  • Joey - 7 years ago

    @Bob C - I backed Crag as Bond from day one, because I'd seen his prior work in Layer Cake and knew he could pull it off. But we've all seen Affleck's prior work and we know that he doesn't have the chops to play Batman. Naysayers aren't always wrong.

  • gladys - 7 years ago

    when I heard he was picked for Batman, I was like why?
    He has always been to me a BLAND actor. NO pizazz! Handsome yes, but not credible especially since his Daredevil character was dull.

  • manu - 7 years ago

    Perhaps he surprise, I remember when Nolan choose Heath Ledger for the Jokers role , many negative reviews were made.

  • Claudia - 7 years ago

    Remember when Warner Brothers decided to replaced Micheal Keaton in the 90's, I guess history does repeat itself. you suck WBs!!!!!

  • Jennifer - 7 years ago

    I lost my excitement for this after i found out he was playing Batman. I think he is more suited for comedy.

  • Bruce - 7 years ago

    Ben Affleck is a decent actor, he has a good body of movies. But I have always taken him for an over-actor and cheesy in a lot of his roles, like someone mentioned, he seems to be that guy that tries too hard to be liked. That is NOT what we want to see in the Dark Knight. I hope WB sees all the sites and polls like these and realize the fans DO NOT wish to see this and will they lose money & backslide the franchise the way it was before Bale. Wake up WB. Get Bale back or AT LEAST go with someone new who looks and will feel more the part.

  • Who Knew - 7 years ago

    I'm not going to get as excited as some when they claim Afflect will ruin the movie, he's an actor and this is a role. It's just he doesn't seem the type to be effective in this particular role. I hope the powers will find a more he-manly guy to do this movie, Affect is both too old and too nice to play this tortured role.

  • Seriously! - 7 years ago

    yes affleck is an actor! but not a great actor or even a good actor! and as for the "Batman" role he'll shit all over that movie. For all you "Yay - Sayers" out there, yes there were many reasons daredevil bombed! contrary to youre beliefs his horrible acting did play a role in it. dc and warner bros sat down and made the choice and what was that choice.... "It's simple, We kill the batman"

  • Andrew - 7 years ago

    To me, Affleck is the guy who tries too hard to be liked, this is about as opposite to Batman's character as you can get.
    I'm not a comic book guy, but being treated to Christian Bale as Batman was a real treat. Now we have someone whom I regularly confuse with Ben Stiller playing the tortured Batman?
    I really hope he does well on the part, but I'm really expecting to be disappointed now.
    Danial Day Lewis would have made an interesting Batman.

  • OB - 7 years ago

    A Great actor, but NOT Batman, nope, it will be like when George Clooney did it....

  • Ben Affleck - 7 years ago

    I am starting today to wipe my butt with my DC comic books...toilet paper has more integrity.

  • Tour Amon - 7 years ago

    Ben is going to blow everyone away. And these braindead nay-sayers, are going to eat their words. And god I'm going to laugh my ass off.

  • Sophie - 7 years ago

    OH DEAR GOD NO! Just because he proved he can be serious in Argo doesn't that mean he can axle the part of Batman.. This is going to be george clooney all over again

  • jeffrey alan castillo - 7 years ago

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  • Simon O'Brien - 7 years ago

    I I love Batman and have enjoyed over the years WB choices in bringing his story to the big screen however I simplify for them trying to cast the dark knights seemingly impossible shoes to fill. Keatons batman was ok, he looked dangerous in the suit but lacked the appeal you would expect Bruce wayne to have. Here lies the biggest problem in casting, a problem that will make or break any batman movie eg: Clooney looked fat in the bat suit but had all the charm and sex appeal of a billion dollar playboy, Kilmers batman felt more like a studio choice rather than picking the right man for the job but turned out to be believable as batman or Bruce but then came Christain Bale with out a doubt the first actor to own the role fully or close as anyway, I mean not to take anything away from the guy but his batman was the least clever of them all and no where near the master detective he is written as. So............. BEN AFLEC?! he could play an ok Bruce wayne for sure but it's a gamble on how he'll be as batman, I mean as DareDevil his fighting was laughable, he looked chubby in the skin tight suit and allot of the real action was CGI or stunt men so unless Ben plan is to be Bruce wayne the whole movie and only appear as the bat CGI'd to look like the suit fits as well as do no fighting I dont like his odds.

  • Ron - 7 years ago

    I was skeptical, then started thinking about it, and warmed up to the idea. Someone said he's been a much better actor in the past five years. Then, someone mention how tough he was in the trailer to Runner Runner. He's got the looks as Bruce Wayne. I watched the trailer to RR... still the same old Affleck that turns me off. Over the top acting, and just corny. I'm back to hoping Warner will pay him off and change their mind. It'll no longer be a Superman Movie.. it'll just be a Ben Affleck spectacle. Marvel is just laughing it's ass off now. Dumb idea to have Batman in MoS2, even worse casting choice.

  • Dan - 7 years ago

    Are you serious? WTF? He was terrible as Daredevil so why does anyone think he would be a good Batman? I would rather see his brother Casey. I don't get it. Sometimes I wish Hollywood was like the NFL and you would just get fired for making a bad decision....

  • adiddy - 7 years ago

    Oh hell no. They were already pushing it by adding the Dark Knight to the movie. I thought The Man of Steel was outstanding. Didn't need anything extra to create buzz. Movie studio got caught up in the 2.7 billion Avengers made. DC comics can make Justice League movie to compete with Avengers. If you had a poll of who do you NOT want to play THe Dark Knight Ben Afleck would be on that list. They were better off getting a good up and coming actor as they did with Christian Bale in Batman Begins. This movie is set up to be a disaster. The only thing that could save it before they even start filming is if Chris Nolan agreed to direct the movie.

  • Bob C. - 7 years ago

    It's amazing how stupid these complainers are! They seem to forget the backlash Michael Keaton was embroiled in when it was announced that he was to play Batman. Same thing with Tom Cruise in "Interview with the Vampire." Same thing with Daniel Craig as James Bond. (Don't believe me/don't remember? Google them, you doubting Thomases!) Then check back in 5 or 10 years, folks, and you will be saying how great Ben Affleck is as Batman! And that's a promise!

  • Anony Mous - 7 years ago

    Might as well call it ''Gigli 2''...

  • Chris Porter - 7 years ago

    Affleck? As Batman? Oh, HELL to the no.

    But he was da bomb in Phantoms, yo.

  • Kate B Ward - 7 years ago

    I appreciate all that Ben Affleck has done in his body of work as actor, director but Batman does not seem like a role for him. Hope this isn't payback for dissing him as Director /Argo (Great movie). They should have gone for someone relatively unknown such as Anson Mount (Hell on Wheels). Here you have a multi-layerd seasoned actor who can play rough, tough and isolated in one scene and then look like he just stepped off of GQ pages ready for an evening at the opera with his lady. He's the right age and it is his time.

  • Janessa - 7 years ago

    This is the purest example of Hollywood tanking so badly they have to resort to Ben? Is this in some way a ploy to get Christian Bale back in? Who by the way is a brilliant actor.
    I am totally at a loss for words.
    Time to take the 'Hollywood' sign down after this completely ridiculous decision.

  • Ian - 7 years ago

    Time for another Ben Affleck suck-a-thon, I see. How DOES this guy get work? The only reason any of his movies make money is because of the other actors in them: Matt Damon, Chris Cooper, Bryan Cranston...I think it is probably a dare with all the actually good actors in Hollywood: If your career can survive appearing in a movie with Ben, you know you have made it!

  • MvieFn - 7 years ago

    Matt Damon as Robin???? Great job breaking this story. Top notch reporting

  • Hawk P - 7 years ago

    The Problem Warner Brothers and DC have with bringing any superheroes to the screen besides Batman, is that they make choices that are NOT based on characters or the story, but on Budget and Actor Popularity. Story be damned!
    Personally, there was a lot wrong with Man of Steel, even if I wasn't a Superman Fan. Like the complete destruction of Metropolis, or (SPOILER) Killing Zod. Or the fact that being raised by the Kents is how he became the man he is, but instead they had a wishy washy Costner give suggestions about hiding his identity at the risk of others lives. The whole thing just... Well, that's for a different post.

    The decision to cast Aflec as Batman is a horrible one. Much like casting George Clooney or Val Kilmer.
    When the Batman/Superman movie was announce at SDCC, they hada guy come out and read a quote from Frank Miller's The Dark Knight Returns, and the quote was from Batman to Superman about how he whooped Superman's ass. That wouldn't make a whole lot of sense to do as a story yet, since the League hasn't even formed. And apparently they realized it too, and they changed their minds about it.
    Then they started hunting for the next Batman. There are at least 10 good choices for the role, but none of them at popular enough for box-office draw, so they made a stupid choice instead.

    From the moment they changed their minds about the possible story, I knew that this movie was going to suck worse than Man of Steel or those horrible batman movies where they packed in as many big names as they could, but forgot about making the movie GOOD.

    I'm telling all of you now, don't even think of wasting your money on this. Wait till it hits the local Redbox and use a coupon and spend .50 cents on it. That will be about all it's worth.

  • Jimmy T - 7 years ago

    This is a practical joke. It must be...disgraceful decision...Ben Afleck does not have the look or the acting skills to be Batman.
    Hey why not get Cory Feldman to play Robin guys!
    /end sarcasm.

  • LEAH - 7 years ago

    Seriously???? Ben Affleck ruined Daredevil, now you want him to do BATMAN???? The person who wrote that y'all should get on your knees and BEG Christian Bale to come back is 100% correct. Christian Bale is the ultimate Batman and he redeemed Hollywood after they cast all the other pretenders (Keaton, Clooney, etc.) If you can't get Christian Bale, then get a newcomer, or a dog, or perhaps a monkey. Any of these options would be an improvement on Ben Affleck. End of discussion.

  • Al qt - 7 years ago

    Great now he can ruin another superhero movie... He was horrendous in Daredevil ..

  • Clp242 - 7 years ago

    First of all, Christian Bale re-defined Batman, and made him a darker grittier Batman, more true to the comics. Ben Affleck does not have that kind of darkness in him, I forsee an unfortunate comedy at best. In any event, studios should recall his epic fail when he last attempted to portray a superhero (Daredevil). Why are they trying to rewrite bad movie history, in addition to sullying Batman, a character that Christian Bale has brought back from the brink of failure as a film character and now defines.

  • Miguel - 7 years ago

    no more batman movies for me... he doesn't deserve my money!

  • Rusty - 7 years ago

    DARN YOU BEN Affleck ! stay in your chick flick movies or drama, NO BODY wants you as a masked Hero ! Daredevil was a HuGE let down, only to be carried by Jennifer Garndener with his thight body, but you ?? you are a horriable actor, no need for you to be in another SuperHero movie ? What casting director did you sleep with and/or pay off to get this role ?!?!?!!? They should be FIRED !!! You know what yall just did, you making George Cloney finally laugh at his EMBARRESSING ROLE of Batman. HE is up-to-date Worst BATMAN, and if you make this movie, YOU"LL take his SPOT as WORST !!! Stay as director of drama or chick flick movies, BUT NO COMIC BOOK MOVIES, you are NOT wanted, listen to the die-hard fans, NOT your EGO or your BANK ACCOUNT !! DONT be BATMAN !!

  • Pat - 7 years ago

    I loved the new superman movie and the entire batman franchise. I saw them all on the big screen. But if Ben Affleck takes over as batman I will not see this movie. It's as simple as that.

  • ricflair - 7 years ago

    why not Ben? who else can play the role and give it justice (no pun). He makes the perfect Bruce Wayne. In all of his movies he does very well playing the dark ,disturbed, roles. I think he will bring a new dynamic to a already well established situation. I also think Matt Damon would be a perfect joker and we all ready know what chemistry the two of them bring when they are together.

  • Laura - 7 years ago

    Hell NOOOOOOOOOO, I am so disapointed. Daredevil as Batman?????!!!! He is not a good actor. I'd rather Ryan Gosling or even Josh Brolin. I am going to miss Christian Bale soooo much :(

  • John Martin - 7 years ago

    Good God!!!! Another leftist wimp pretending to be a tough guy. All this to make themselves richer so they can live a life of luxury. Then they preach to the world how we should give all our money to their liberal causes and taxes.

    I wonder how much greenhouse gas this movie will create????

  • alireza - 7 years ago

    Just Christian Bale ...

  • Darrell Swank - 7 years ago

    Annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd, I'll pass on yet another poor batman choice. This is selection is for $, not for fans. affleck is a sad sad pick. Apparently the producers never saw daredevil. I can only hope this is a farce or it is reconsidered.
    Way to screw up again hollywood.

  • Electra - 7 years ago

    Ben played an action super hero before, that worked so well thay made sequels of his GIRL FRIEND!

  • DVG93 - 7 years ago

    Add me to the Not only no, but hell no vote. I won't even bother to see it when it hits free tv.

  • Mark - 7 years ago

    WHAT? No Offense but BEN AFFLECK. Maybe they can bring Robin into the movie too. Staying with the thought process, maybe Danny DeVito. Come on, are there any people in the film industry that make good decisions anymore? Count me as a Huge NO.

  • M.C. - 7 years ago

    To me, it's not the casting decision that matters most, it's just that I have yet to see how a guy like Batman could stand a chance against a Superman who did this:

  • Jon Green - 7 years ago

    I can already see this is going to be a downward trend of Batman turning into a lame franchise like it used to be before bale.

  • JomskyLimco - 7 years ago

    Christian Bale is very good actor...

  • Sujan Kumar - 7 years ago

    Yes we all know, Ben Affleck can't replace Christian Bale. But he's good in his own way. He has all the qualities required to play a super hero, as action movies are his forte. I liked him as Daredevil(yes really!). And looking forward to see him as Batman.

  • Leaded - 7 years ago

    I'm thinking of waiting until it gets to Netflix to watch this, and I'm 50/50 on that decision.

  • wendy - 7 years ago

    I think Ben Affleck is an ok actor , but he should stick to his roots like Armageddon. I can't see him as Batman. I mean come on give a new comer a chance! Ben was Daredevil and he was alright as that character, but Batman come on people. What are you running out of actors? lol I'd rather see a newcomer. Its time for a change.

  • Cale Bracker - 7 years ago

    I can't believe this. What a slap in the face. I mean, I knew that they probably wouldn't get Christian Bale back. But did they have to get the worse possible alternative? Don't get me wrong, Ben Affleck is fine in movies like "Good Will Hunting" and maybe "Argo". But he can't play Batman... it's just not his role and this is a horrible decision on the director/producers/Warner Brothers in general.

  • Batman - 7 years ago


  • NorthBay - 7 years ago

    Christian Bale was by far the best Batman. Because this is a Justice League movie and not just a straight Batman movie it isn't a huge loss. Ben Affleck is a terrible choice I don't see him pulling this off, but then again I thought the same about Heath Ledger and he pulled off one of the best roles in recent history.

  • loganzx3 - 7 years ago


  • david zamora - 7 years ago

    Dear DC comics, you have just lost 2 viewers of any upcoming movies you have planned for Superman, Batman, or any justice league movies as you couldn't have made a BIGGER mistake casting Ben Affleck as Bruce Wayne. I guess no one at WB saw or remembers Daredevil. Not only is he an atrocious choice for playing the iconic Batman; you're undoing everything Christopher Nolan has done in his art known as the Dark Knight trilogy. I pray you gather all the money you have lying around, get on your knees, and BEG Christian Bale to return. Or at the very least Helen Keller because christ knows shes a better "actor" than Ben Affleck. Please come to your senses soon and stop this sick joke

  • George - 7 years ago

    The people have spoken on this vote. Hollywood has taken a severe hit this summer. Are they into self inflicted damage??? I to, remember Daredevil. How many years and it still makes me ill. I walked out. I don't know how it ended. Don't care. DC is also behind Marvel. Do they need Ben to make it worse ??? There is still time !! Think about !!!

  • Jperk - 7 years ago

    Really? freakin daredevil enough said about ben affleck as a superhero. Batman is my all time favorite cartoon comic book character i even stuck it out to see Batman and Robin in theaters with clooney completely destroying it, and that was after kilmer mad my face hurt when he wore the cape and cowl. But i will not pay to see quite possibly the worst boston accent from a boston native anyone has ever heard play Batman.

  • Victor - 7 years ago

    Is Hollywood that desperate?
    The single worst choice I can think of.
    Does the producer think that by sticking 25 mil in the pocket of one of the worst actors around that he would get anything close to Bale or for that matter Keaton?
    I'm sick. Affleck is a wuss and that will show in his portrayal.

  • bachi - 7 years ago

    are you F'n serious. please tell me this is a rumor. how can you turn someone who couldnt even pull off a simple superhero character like Daredevil to play the most difficult one. Batman is the darkest and most complicated. Ben does not have 1 dark side in him. you should have chosen Manu Bennett. much better choice. Ben do the Batman fans a favor back out. your a good actor but not for this. NOT FOR BATMAN! you dont have the character. its like turning Steve Buscemi into superman. its just not his character. you just crippled your franchise, after bringing it back with the last 3 batmans. you put batman back on the superhero map now your going to destroy what you just did!

  • BA is a really bad choice. As for Christian Bales he phoned in the 3rd installment of Batman. A new face, an unknown, up and coming actor is the way to go. Though, I know Hollywood would never take a chance with a 300 million tent pole with an unknown actor. I really don't see anyone in the current crop of leading men who has the ability to take Batman past Christian Bales's portrayal. You would need someone with depth, heart, youth, and testosterone. Imagine Ryan Gosling's piercing gaze under the cowl of Batman. Or the determination of Daniel Craig, a younger Daniel Craig. That is the look and fire that you need to be able to move forward with the new Batman.

  • Commentator - 7 years ago

    Ben has the height but not the looks, either Johnny Depp or Brad Pitt will work.

  • nate - 7 years ago

    that is the biggest mistake of your life DC!! Im a huge batman fan u stick Affleck as batman I personally will not see the movie. Some moron stuck him as daredevil witch I though was the biggest mistake of marvels lives lol and what happened the movie flopped. marvel also made the mistake by sticking Mark Ruffalo as the hulk in the avengers witch I think was a very bad dicision. Who thinks up these actors that should stick to love romance movies and tries to put them as super hero that is just recking the movie . why not put jeff speakman as batman.

  • erl - 7 years ago

    To all Critics...
    Give the guy a chance, after all it's just a movie....anyone can be Batman. Remember Michael Keaton, Val Kilmer. George Clooney, and most recent, Christian Bale. These guys were not exactly Batman caliber. Perhaps it's time for another face, just like the new Superman, Henry Cavill. Everyone tries to jump to conclusion without seeing the next Batman. You are all full of shit! Maybe you all should audition for the part!

  • Goldbug - 7 years ago

    This was a great poll...interesting problem....they left off the HELL NO option!

  • Zack Gibbs - 7 years ago

    I think we should wait and see what Ben Affleck has to bring to the character. Christian Bale has said he won't do it and so they HAD to find someone else and they have picked Ben Affleck. Anyway, Christian Bale's portrayal of Bruce Wayne was boring and dry (just like in the comics) so Ben Affleck might actually be perfect for the role. As long as he can do the voice of Batman, I think it could be good. And for those people saying that he isn't the right build: watch The Machinist and then watch Batman Begins. If Christian Bale was able to bulk up, I'm sure Ben Affleck can too.

  • Tirzah L - 7 years ago

    Who in gods name is in charge of the casting of this movie? I would have like to have seen the reaction to this at ComicCon. I like BA as an actor and I do believe he is a very talented guy. He was great in Argo and I even forgave Larisa and Mindy for casting him as Jack Ryan. Personally, I think he is a much better director than he is an actor...and that's okay. Really great directors are few and far between. I don't want to trash the guy, but there are certain characters he should never play. I saw daredevil and I was sort of embarrassed for him because I think he was doing his best.

  • Tom the Bomb - 7 years ago

    Well, he was certainly the right choice for Daredevil and Jack Ryan. I'm sure neither of those producers regretted that decision.

  • Bill Anderson - 7 years ago

    Ben is a Fantastic choice, He can defiantly pull of a Bruce Wayne persona and be a great Batman.

  • Joe - 7 years ago

    Is it April first? I'd have a hard time believing this except they already had Clooney play batman. If they just want to be silly then Bill Murray or Steve Martin would be better choices. Ben Affleck has absolutely nothing for this role.

  • Brian - 7 years ago

    Why not have Justin Beiber as Robin, Lyndsey Lohan as Catwoman and Charlie Sheen as The Joker because WB clearly doesn't give a shit about the character or the fans. We all know that it's all about money, but it's sad when they make it soooo obvious.

  • Leo - 7 years ago

    Be serious, have you seen the actor "Anson Mount" who plays Cullen Bohannon in Hell on Wheels? There is your Dark Knight

  • Mark Schultz - 7 years ago

    I was laughing when I heard the news. I figure WB will lose a ton of dough on this turkey. So I will be looking at the WB stock, and most likely I will go short when this flick comes out and make some cash. I would like to know what exec. green lit. I feel abit sorry for Ben, after this turkey, he will have a tough time. What Ben, your agent pushed you into this.

  • rukiddingme? - 7 years ago

    i think that silent bob plays a better batmen then affleck, plus silent bob already has experience with the role.

    still a jersey actor, but not ben afleck. argo? oscar? im sorry i dont acknowledge award shows they are all fake. there isnt any credibility in them any more. they are like elections and politicians, both are fixed and only the rich get to participate.

  • Clark - 7 years ago

    A shame Hollywood can't keep a commitment to Bale. He did a GREAT job. Reward the man rather than try to re-invent him for the 8th time. Dissapointing to know people are going to get paid ridiculously for a bad decision..UGGGG!

  • Harlowe Thrombey - 7 years ago

    So tired of studios always running to the "stars" du jour.

    I'm sick of movie stars!

    Just get a good unknown guy to play Batman.

  • jay man - 7 years ago

    wow maybe danny davito can play mr. freeze or silverston and umma therman and stallone ..sounds like a great movie 30 years ago..Hey heres a great about steve buscemi..

  • Gilbert D - 7 years ago

    Ben Ass is a a horrible choice for Batman. Just the worst. Heath Ledger was a better actor than him when introduced as the Joker. But, on another note, WB is losing it. Its like the Lakers not waiting on Jackson to be the coach. Ridiculous.

  • adam - 7 years ago

    Goodness, what's downey jr doing? SOS

  • lesliecarroll6 - 7 years ago

    Next it will be Charly sheen as super man. this was totally bomb .

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