Should The Government Provide Hormone Treatment For Chelsea Manning?


  • justin p - 10 years ago

    no. fuck that. and it doesnt matter which law he/she/it broke ITS STILL A LAW! and in my opinion a good n necessary one of "keep ya mouth shut". part of the punishment for breaking said law is the removal of luxuries. the ability to take hormones and have surgeries to become ones true sex? that is a fuckin luxury. i am pretty confident people were being born the wrong sex b4 scientific advances gave em a choice to change. so fuckthat. shoulda thought "i need to chop off my dick off!" before "people need to know the truth!". dumb-ass....

  • Da Kc Stork - 10 years ago

    I am sure one more thing that FOX, MSNBC, Liberals, and conservatives will blame the President for. He had enough problems explaining to his daughters what the Miley Cyrus shit was about last week, and now he has to tell them about this. Oh, but nawwwwww, I don't think that the government (we the people) should have to pay for that.

  • nahan87 - 10 years ago

    I agree with @WitTitsOrSTFU. If she will pay for it then it's fine but the government shouldn't have to cover it. If the government doesn't cover sex changes for people not in prison, why should they cover it for people in prison? Then again...prisoners get free health care...conundrum...

  • WitTitsOrSTFU - 10 years ago

    If she has the surgery beforehand and on her own dime, I believe she's within her right to have whatever necessary medication she'll need provided to her. HOWEVER...If it's a matter of having the cost of the entire procedure covered by the government, then no, that's not her right.

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