Are People Taking The VMAs Too Seriously?


  • FeltFive - 9 years ago

    No nigga, Miley and her spine shaking gotta get the entire fuck outta here. #THATISALL

  • Chi love - 9 years ago

    Them VMA 's is always crazy. They have people kissing,Falling from the sky, Booties in faces. Speaking of booties or lack of booties, that Little girl got bit by a booty vampire....Chi Love can't get with that. Chi Love needs something to keep him warm on those cold Chi Town nights. Maybe Paula Dean will holla at a playa... She thick and can hook some grits up with a pork chop sam-mich. Not to mention her kids grown and won't get in our biz. Chi Love Out.

  • nahan87 - 9 years ago


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