How strongly do you feel about Canadian wine?


  • Rick Bates - 9 years ago

    My mistake, I just realized that this wordpress site is stripping spaces out from between sentences! It looks like you need to type at least two spaces to get it to save one of them. Sorry for adding that PS: critisism

  • Rick Bates - 9 years ago

    Ashlyn, Ashlyn, Ashlyn…
    Your summary of Canadian Wines is about 25 years out of date! I can't begin to describe how your comments sound so out of touch with what is happening in Canadian Wines.
    To even mention ICB garbage such as Copper Moon in the same breath as Cave Spring Riesling is both insulting to Cave Spring's fine selection of various Rieslings but a huge disservice to anyone who is trying to learn about Ontario wine. The swill you refer to as Int'l blends (formerly known as “cellared in Canada") wines are a blight on the Canadian Wine landscape. They are produced by three large corporations (including one that is actually a large American beverage conglomerate). They are thrust on an unsuspecting Canadian public through monopoly owned wine kiosks in grocery stores that fool buyers into thinking they are drinking Canadian wine.
    Nova Scotia is known for much more than "fruity wines" and Ontario & BC are known for so much more than Ice Wine or sweet sparklers.

    Please, PLEASE learn more about what you are talking about before you spout off with nonsense like this.

    PS: There are supposed to be spaces between sentences!

  • Ashlyn - 9 years ago

    People tend to forget that even if you choose another country instead of Canada true Champagne only comes from Champagne region of France and Barolo and Brunello are specific styles of wines that come from Italy. Barolo and Brunello use the Nebbiolo Grapes to create their heavier fuller tannic well rounded wines.
    Canada may not have the exact same Riesling Grape Wines as Germany. However Canada ranks #! with Ice Wines Desert Wines and in mu opinion rank #1 with late harvest wines. So for the sweet palette instead of reaching for German Riesling Reach out for Canadian Riesling and enjoy a glass!
    Did you know that Canada has many VQA Wines and Bottled and Blended in Canada Wines that are similar to the German Riesling. For example; Cave Spring VQA Riesling. Also Bottle & Blended Copper Moon recently came out with Riesling 11% ABV.
    Now which winery in Canada produces wines similar to Barolo or Brunello?
    Care for a great Sparkling Canadian VQA Sumac Ridge or Jay's Stellar VQA both fantastic! For those that prefer sweeter Canadian Sparkling choose Baby Canadian Sparkling.
    As for Barolo or Brunello that is really tough to match or to find something comparable. Though I do believe there are several Canadian Wineries that produce Big Bold Cabernet Sauvignon with Cabernet Franc that will consist of firm tannins structure full flavored aromas.
    Seriously how often does a person want to sip on Barolo or Brunello? These wines in my opinion are far greater paired with food rather than sipping wines.
    Nova Scotia Canada is known for their Fruity Wines; Saskatoon, Blueberry, Rhubarb, Apple, Gooseberry, Plum, Strawberry, Black Berry.
    Ontario and British Columbia are known for their Ice Wines, VQA Wines Blended Wines, Bottled and Blended Wines, Manitoba is known for Fruity Winery Rigby Orchards; Mead Wine, Raspberry Wine, Cherry Wines
    There are many wineries in Canada that produce wines similar to the Rhone Valley in France as well as Burgundy France.
    Dare to be different dare to discover Canadian Wines & their uniqueness?
    Step out of your norm enjoy your new adventure with Canadian Wines!
    Ashlyn McKenzie

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