Should the US take military action against Syria?


  • Reciprocity - 10 years ago

    I have fought in the middle east and I can tell you, its not worth the cost or lost of more American lives, these people shake our hand and holding a dagger in the other wanting to stab us in the back and Obama is just showing his huff and puff, stroking his ego, I personally am so happy I am retired and not under his watch for he has no clue, the closest he has ever came to combat is a GI Joe doll, these people have committed genocide for years and its not going to stop and cruise missiles just goes to show what our president knows, at 1.5 billion each and wanting to throw 200 of them into nothing because he is idiot enough to say its coming, I wonder if he ever heard of strategy, don't worry Obama you will get your star on Hollywood walk of fame for nothing soon enough

  • Carolina C - 10 years ago

    Its true our economy is not at all ready to be put into such a risky action, but as human beings we should think about other human beings, money is not everything there is out there. These people need us, need anyone in that case and we are the only ones that have the inner will to do so.

  • ErnieF - 10 years ago

    With $!2B spent each month in Iraq, how could we afford this? Cruise missiles sound great, but what after that??? $12B spent in the US, think of what it could do at home (controlling waste of $ taken out)

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