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  • Eric Morgan - 8 years ago

    I like B as it shows off the trunk better and the mid level branch at the rear adds depth to the composition.
    Cheers on a great looking tree!

  • David Bonner - 8 years ago

    "A" is the front because this tree fought to stay alive. Only after it was pulmelled by weather/wind did it continue to grow and re-grow over and over again, until finally the foliage on the left side became sheltered by the hugh nubari on the right. "B' could not happen. It is incongrueous. Beautiful tree!!! Congratulations...Best wishes, David

  • Brian K. - 8 years ago

    "B", but... I'd place the tree so that both sides can be seen!

  • Alan Murakami - 8 years ago

    Beautiful tree!
    To me, the tree seems to have more movement and balance from side B. Due to those aspects, the tree gives me a more tranquil feeling.

    Thank you

  • Viky Petermann - 9 years ago

    I like A as a front because it is very dynamic and full of movement as a result of the strip of deadwood crossing the trunk at the base sweeping from right to left . I however feel that the first half of deadwood on the trunk is too straight and overpowering and needs to be given some movement by carving to emphasize the drama and the bottom left branch could be extended to maximize the effect
    I also like B because It shows the beautiful live vein and the massive deadwood does not over power the living part of the bonsai creating a very balanced and peaceful image.
    Both fronts work well, lovely tree.

  • Jack - 9 years ago

    I think A makes the best front, but with a slight angle change so that it leans more to the left.

  • St├ęphane - 9 years ago

    For me, definitively side B. It looks to have a wider base, nice life vein visible to the top, nice foliage that splits the dead wood...

  • Ken Wassum - 9 years ago

    I would like to see other sides of the tree, but of the two I like B better. Better base, although the little jin that stick out at the base on A are very cool.

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