Do you find Sheryl Underwood's Afro comments indicative of self-hate?


  • ann - 9 years ago

    I agree with Benita. Bad joke. Not funny. And, no I do not want to see what is under her wig.

  • Eunice - 9 years ago

    Now I see why Sheryl Underwood is a Republican. She is full of self-hatred! The same goes for Clarence Thomas. I put the two of them together as two persons who look and act so much alike that they could be kin. Maybe Clarence is that twin of hers that her mother said died when she was a baby. They really do look alike. If Sheryl would take off those ridiculous wigs (sometimes with outlandish colors) and wear her hair natural - everybody would probably say "Hello Clarence Thomas look-a-like!"

    The remarks she made about Seals' kids hair is despicable even for Sheryl. I guess this was one of the times when she looks in the camera or at the audience to see if they are going to laugh at some of her off-handed jokes that it back-fired on her. I bet your AKA Sorority sisters just love the fact that you made an a$$ out of yourself and not too good of an impression on them.

  • DINO - 9 years ago

    @ Benita Watson
    yep. you are so right. itz like she waz tryna gain "acceptance" from white people by crackin jokes on black people - she waz tryna get a laugh from the wrong crowd - very stupid of her to make jokes like THAT, as if WE dont have ENUFF SH !T we gotta contend with DAILY. stupid a$$

  • BENITA WATSON - 9 years ago

    i dont think it was self hate, i think she was just STUPID. she was trying to get a laugh at BLACK PEOPLE EXPENSE , WHICH IS NOT FUNNY. now if someone white had said that she would be all over them.

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