• mykolas - 10 years ago


  • Caroline Tornell - 10 years ago

    I always shoot RAW. I used to shoot RAW + JPEG a while ago, but those JPEG files seemed to always just taking up space, because there's always something to correct and work with in the pictures taken. I love the fact that I can make corrections without destroying the original file, and I can do whatever I want to with what I have from that RAW file.

  • Matt Needham - 10 years ago

    I shoot raw all the time, because I'm an old darkroom geek, and it's a similar workflow as print film. Some of my friends who were slide shooters still prefer straight out of the camera/uniform processing. They shoot jpegs. I always thought they were a little nuts for shooting slides, and I think they are nuts for shooting jpeg, but in the end they do good work. I'm sure they think negs and raw are a pain in the butt.

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