Which 'Sunday Night Football' singer reigns supreme?

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Poll posted 6 years ago.


  • Stef S - 6 years ago

    I'm sorry but all 3 songs are a lame take on Joan Jett and the Blackheart's music.

    Try and come up with something a bit more original and then have these 3 lovelies each sing their hearts out. But for me, as a record exec..... all 3 versions are an awful attempt and reaching out there.

  • Ted Duke - 6 years ago

    Carrie is cute but Faith Hill is one of the hottest women on the planet and a performer to match. Broke my heart when I heard Faith would no longer be doing the entry to Sunday Night Football. Admit your mistake and beg Faith to come back or risk a lose of audience.

  • swdweeb - 6 years ago

    In my mind, Pink's version remained the truest to the song's roots. I didn't like any of Faith Hill's versions and this latest one... well lets just say I won't be tuning in early.

  • Doc - 6 years ago

    Ok, I dislike Faith Hill. A lot. And I love Carrie Underwood. But somehow, the Faith Hill version is still better. I dunno what got screwed up in Carrie's version exactly. But it needs to be fixed.

  • sam - 6 years ago

    Not near enough Carrie in the Carrie Underwood version. The Faith version had camera on Faith Hill for more time which makes it better IMO.

  • Gary - 6 years ago

    GET Faith Hill back!!! or give to Pink? they the only ones that know how to do the right way. Carrie Underwood can not sing songs like this . she does not have the voice for this song. Her version was Embarrassing!!!!!

  • Donna - 6 years ago

    Faith Hill did so much better than Carrie. We want Faith back

  • Mike - 6 years ago

    >>Could not really hear her singing with all the added crowd noise. a really poor quality of sound mixing. RE-DO !

    I agree with you 100%. Way too much noise and extra loud mixed in sound added in.

  • Patty Small - 6 years ago

    I like both Faith and Carrie!

  • ANNE MARIE - 6 years ago

    I liked them all so for me no one out did or was better then the other.

  • Ross - 6 years ago

    Carrie's performance was a total disappointment after the Faith Hill years. I hope they at least dress her up a little, but her voice and stage presence will never match Faith or Pink.

  • Colleen - 6 years ago

    P!nk is the best. This is a punk song redo and all you are doing by having it sung by very talented country artists is pandering to the demo you THINK watches football. I don't own anything by either Carrie or Faith because I'm just not a big country fan, but I own everything by P!nk and I watch football religiously, and play fantasy too. Bring back the original!

    Also, you can't play the MNF Theme anymore. Copyright issues with Hank Williams Jr.

  • Kevin Smith - 6 years ago

    Carrie's legs are so awesome, that nothing else matters.

  • fed up - 6 years ago

    Why does the U.S. ALWAYS feel the need to over drama-tise everything? I miss hearing the old Monday Night Football theme, as players stats and film clips were shown and read off simutaneously with the song. That's all you needed and that in itself, was enough to get you pumped. Why is everything such a BIG stupid production? Which BTW, probably also cost waaaaaaaay more? Carrie Underwood is HOT and ta talented performer, but it's a FOOTBALL game, NOT a concert!!!!.......

  • T Pro - 6 years ago

    I think Faith Hill did a great job but Carrie Underwood brings a new energy to the song.
    As for her legs, well I have seen very many people look better in heels than Carrie Underwood!!

  • Marcy - 6 years ago

    Could not really hear her singing with all the added crowd noise. a really poor quality of sound mixing. RE-DO !

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