2014 Governor's Race

  • Mark Hazzard - 9 years ago

    Because of the liberal stand of the democratic party and their efforts to turn both the state and our country to a socialist government I can not support them.

  • Malvi Lennon - 9 years ago

    If the stablishment Republicans pick McKinney asthe nominee get ready for another defeat.

  • dennis - 9 years ago

    We need to get rid of Malloy. Can't even help my grandon who is living with me get through college. Not enough funding for students unless they go to Uconn. I need to borrow money . I am on ssd and that does not even cover my expenses. I get the cola and it is taken away to pay for medicare. I too worked all my life for these benefits. What is going to happen to these kids growing up. I think we should give a chance to an Independant . Can't do any worse than Malloy.

  • Ann Marie Kelleher - 9 years ago

    I think Daniel Malloy has brought the state of Connecticut down. We have lost many jobs, heavier taxes. I have seen more and more people moving out of the state because they can not afford to stay here anymore. This is a beautiful state but for Middle Class it is too expensive. Daniel Malloy has killed the middle class in this state. Shame on him.

  • Martha Kelly - 9 years ago

    My choice of these would likely be "None of the Above." You might offer that as an option. Or offer a blank line or voters to make their own nominations. I, too, am disappointed in Dan M alloy in many ways. Its time that you notice that the Connecticut Political scene contains more parties than the Demicans and Republicrats.

  • none of your business - 9 years ago

    where did these people come from.

  • Ed - 9 years ago

    You should have another option people can vote for, "Anyone but Malloy". I bet that would win. The governor should save his money and NOT run for re-election!

  • MIke - 9 years ago

    Why are the results now private? Did you not like how it was panning out Mr. House? I disrespect you sir.

  • Jim Spellman - 9 years ago

    Governor Malloy has almost single handedly trashed the Public School Systems in the name of " Education Reform" ; Driven existent jobs out of State in the name of "Gun Control Reform" ; and wrecked municipal budgets in the name of " Tax Allocation Reform ". Time to "Reform" who sits in the Governor's chair by use of "Replace."

  • Ed Annino - 9 years ago

    We need to replace Dannel Malloy with someone who understands how to run a budget. My wife and I raised 5 children who are now married, own their own houses, have children and struggling to live in CT. I continually managed our budget to allow our children to attend Catholic grammar and high schools. I would have loved to reach out to other avenues of income (create/raise taxes) however, I had to CUT expenses. This allowed all 5 children to attend college. My point here is we need someone who understands this very simple concept. Learn where to cut expenses and not where to obtain more $$ from the residents of CT. I will truly vote for anyone other than Malloy.

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