She black children be forced to go back to the hood to see "the struggle"?


  • Deon - 9 years ago

    I don't think we have to send our kids back to the hood to see the "struggle". I would have no problem going with my kids to visit relatives that live in the hood, but as far as shipping them off like it's some kinda hood summer camp, not a chance in hell. The attitude of needing to send your kids back to keep it real isn't just a Black American attitude.

    My mother in law and my wife's stepfather are moving back to Liberia next year, and they've been advocating us sending my daughter to them in the summer time. I don't know if you know this, but Liberia is worse than the WORST hood in Baltimore, Chicago, Detroit etc, man fuck that. I went to Liberia with my wife last year and I had to check in with American Embassy when I got there to let them know all of the places I might be at while in the country in case of shit goes left and they gotta send the Marines in to get me. You think I'm going to send my young child there, just to keep it real? Please, she eats enough african food at home and has enough african relatives here, she'll be alright.

  • Miss Krysable - 9 years ago

    Uh just finished listening to the episode....Naw I'm not letting some ratchet relative take my child for the summer, week, overnight. This isn't tales from the hood! If I'm not there and involved, no thank you.

  • Miss Krysable - 9 years ago

    Yea I expose my child to the struggle, I bring him to work with me at times and bring him to work events matter fact I'm gonna go into overdrive this year I see entitled bratness in him and it's driving me crazy I can't manage 6 I feel like Ima return him back in the womb before puberty hits. Lawd lawd lawd. Just a disclaimer world, be nice to my child so when he becomes a dictator or warlord or a black Koch brotha of some sort he'll treat yall nice.

    Miss Krysable

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