Do you think Tami Roman should leave 'Basketball Wives'?

  • shelia Parker - 8 years ago

    Tammy should leave basketball wives, because evelyn and shaunie are pathetic. Not that Tammy is any better, I just want the show gone. Neither of those heifers are married. I don't understand why any of this is relevant. All of those women make Black women look bad. I haven't watched for several seasons, but from what I understand they are worst than ever. shaunie O'Neal find another venture to get into.

  • kyser - 8 years ago

    NOOOOO She shouldn't leave the show Tami is the real woman that makes the show. She tells it like it is with no filter some of the other females could learn something's . If you know what i mean . In my eye's Tami is no bully. She is trying to change it up but be for real alll day TAMI!!

  • kell - 8 years ago

    She has grown significantly in her personal life and I think she is sly-like-a-fox to leave. She's taken her tragic life and is making gold. She may display a "black accent / black affect" but clearly she is the most articulate. And all of the gesturing seems to be just for show. Hopefully, she wont carry the dumb stuff to her next gig! If Alec Baldwin can keep on acting out and making money, so should Tami. We are much much tougher on women (who, remember are human) than we are on men "acting out" for attention. Tami, you are smart and ready for the next level up. Lets see who Shaunie picks on now.....

  • gerri - 8 years ago

    she should leave the show and Television all together. she sounds ignorant when she talks..uneducated
    all of the time. Your display on Basket Ball Wives over the years has been an embarassment

    by,bye Tami

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