Have you seen Bar Rescue?

  • Jake - 1 year ago

    Saw your transformation, and I am very happy for you! As a new AZ resident, I am excited to try your location once all this craziness is over!

  • jerry lewis - 3 years ago

    absolutely disgusting. will never go back

  • Manon van wolde - 3 years ago

    Hi, I am Manon and I am from the Netherlands. I just saw your broadcast on Spike. So cool to see that you have saved it. I had to cry with happiness when the alcohol test gave zero. And the happiness saw when you saw the new bar.
    A lot of success in the future. And who knows, do I ever drink a cocktail and taste real bbc meat?

    Greetings from the Netherlands .... XXX Manon

  • Kevin - 5 years ago

    So just to be clear, Yum Yum was her stripper name right? I mean, it has to be.

  • Betty - 5 years ago

    Sally? That you Yum Yum?

  • Sally - 6 years ago

    This place is disgusting. Not even close to badass bbq! Been once and never again. Hopefully their new "change" is better for them....

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