Have you seen Bar Rescue?


  • AZWILDCATS - 5 months ago

    Great place wonderful service amazing food always a good experience……thank you….

  • Howard Brown - 10 months ago

    Just watched bar rescue. Amazing daughter really happy owners pulled things together.John and assistants did great. Live in Canada but if I’m
    down that way I’ll stop in
    Best wishes

  • Tanya - 1 year ago

    Just saw the episode on PLUTO TV, and Jon Taffer with Bar Rescue did an awesome job! I thought it was funnier seeing the horse walk in the bar literally, than it was just seeing the cowboy riding the horse on the TV screen on the wall, LOL! But, I had to watch the entire episode to see if I recognized anyone. I lived in Dewey and Prescott for AZ for 8yrs. But, my son and I moved back to Coral Springs, Florida in 2012, and have live here ever since. But, we will definitely check out your restaurant and bar the next time we are out there! I hope everything is going good for your business! Take Care!

  • Tom - 2 years ago

    Just watched the entire Bar Rescue episode. The place looks great on the episode. I live on the East coast, most likely won't ever make it out to Arizona, but just wanted to comment that I wish I could visit there and try the food and meet the people out there. Good luck to you guys, I hope your business continues to succeed!

  • Daryl Rogers - 2 years ago

    Coupons are the kiss of death. All u can eat is dicey as well. Go back to what John taught you!

  • JN - 2 years ago

    Stopped in on my way from Phoenix to Flagstaff on a cross country road trip 3 years ago after having seen the episode. The food was adequate but the service was very friendly. Was mid day so the atmosphere was relaxed and quiet. It was quite clean. I am happy to report no motorcycles or horses were seen while I was there.

    I am looking forward to a return visit on my next trip out west to try something different off the menu and hopefully get to give a better review of the food.

  • Jake - 3 years ago

    Saw your transformation, and I am very happy for you! As a new AZ resident, I am excited to try your location once all this craziness is over!

  • jerry lewis - 5 years ago

    absolutely disgusting. will never go back

  • Manon van wolde - 6 years ago

    Hi, I am Manon and I am from the Netherlands. I just saw your broadcast on Spike. So cool to see that you have saved it. I had to cry with happiness when the alcohol test gave zero. And the happiness saw when you saw the new bar.
    A lot of success in the future. And who knows, do I ever drink a cocktail and taste real bbc meat?

    Greetings from the Netherlands .... XXX Manon

  • Kevin - 7 years ago

    So just to be clear, Yum Yum was her stripper name right? I mean, it has to be.

  • Betty - 8 years ago

    Sally? That you Yum Yum?

  • Sally - 8 years ago

    This place is disgusting. Not even close to badass bbq! Been once and never again. Hopefully their new "change" is better for them....

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