Have You Ever Left A Sexy Voicemail Greeting Message?


  • ProfessLCH - 9 years ago

    "Hey.........." *erases*

    "Hi, there....." *erases*

    "Purrrrrrrrrrr....." *erases* (I wanted the DOWNBEAT of "Computer Love!")

    "You callin' me?" *erases* (got the downbeat right, but it sounds like I'm doing a bad DeNiro impersonation)

    "You KNOW what to do.........at the beep!" *erases* (because the beep took to long to come & the song changed while waiting)


  • @SilentXMedia - 9 years ago

    I was never smoove enough to holla at girls like that in the era when it was cool to do so. Missed the boat I guess! Plus I didn't like R&B, so I woulda been trying to get the girls with The Slim Shady LP or Capital Punishment songs! Dahwell.

  • Chi love - 9 years ago

    Hey this is Chi L-O-V-E (Marvin Gaye after the dance playing in the back ground) I am unavailable at the moment but if you need some Chi loving leave a message at the beep. if this is Shenka hang up hoe.

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