Do you ever start a new project before finishing an old one?

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  • John Piwaron - 10 years ago

    Multiple simultaneous? Absolutely! Sometimes I'm making more than one of the same thing. 2 end tables or 2 of X that are so alike in every way except one. Or acquiring material. Right now I have the material for. 4 major projects and more on the way for a 5th.

    Sometimes I'm at the hardwood store just minding my business and I hear "Hey! Big boy!" I'll turn around and it's the most beautiful walnut board I ever saw. "You talkin' to me?" "Yes I am! Take me with you and I can show you a good time." Well, you know how it is, one thing leads to another and that board and 2 or 3 of it's friends are on the way home with me. More boards for one more great thing to make. :)

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