What do you think of Britney's 'Work Bitch'?

  • bryan - 9 years ago

    i love this song and britney and im only 13! her music has been around more than me and i still love it. you goo britney!

  • Warren O'Sullivan - 9 years ago

    Britney's work bitch shows exactly what she is and what she does. she does nothing but work her ass off because the music she makes is awesome, always ahead of the trend curve. Britney definitely have her hand on the pulse of mainstream pop. She is a powerful and sexy trendsetter that always does things her way so this leads all her ideas to new and amazing memories and trends that will never go away. Your an amazing entertainer Britney and ur kids are so handsome. I really hope your doin well and ur happy an comfortable. All my love ur #1 permanently disabled (bc a 500 lb filing cabinet snapped my lumbar spine in half crushed my knee and dislocated shoulder resulting in 14 surgeries, 36 titanium nuts and bolts, 4 12in plates, 6 rods, a pain pump, a nerve stimulator implant, 34 doctors, strong perscription drugs, 4 near ODs, 2 suicide attempts, I can never work again so my masters degree in management information systems (7years of college) is useless and they still want nearly $70,000 from me do student loans that I can never pay bc I'm severely permanently disabled physically and mentally. Only your music Britney makes me feel alive inside when I listen to it. It makes me forget about the pain and depression for a few minutes and that means SO VERY much to me you have no idea so thank y'all so very much xxoo

  • Warren O'Sullivan - 9 years ago

    BRITNEY IS THE BEST EVER!!! C'mon people lets get the supports of this video an song and get britney to number 1 on BB, so lets get her from 4 to 1 so you better WORK BITCHES and bring me my Maserati please ;-)

  • Derek - 9 years ago

    Generic beat, lame drop and boring lyrics. Lame copycat of Krewella's style with too much auto-tune.. please stay from trying to propagating 'EDM music'.

  • Jake - 9 years ago

    Joe, perhaps before wishing suicide upon a person you've never met... you should at least try to learn how their name is spelled. Say it with me- "Brit-ney" Britney. Y'know... BRITNEY. Fucking. Spears. She's been around since 1998 and is arguably the biggest and most compelling pop star of our time. There is simply no excuse at this point to not know how to spell her name.

  • joe - 9 years ago

    please kill yourself, Brittney.

  • Fau - 9 years ago

    I love it. A full club banger and her 6th Hot 100 #1.

  • Junior - 9 years ago

    Britney is the Culture and POP Music. Haters you better work... Bitch.

  • lola - 9 years ago

    Britney new song sounds amazing!!!!! So it has the dubstep beat like everyone else has.Its the message she telling ppl. If you want something in ur life u better WORK BITCH !!!!!! So with that being said. I LOVE IT !!!!!!!!!!!

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