What did you think of episode 8.11 "Monkey In a Box"?

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  • stressline2013 - 11 years ago

    I was relieved to see that Dexter finally allowed Debra to back him up, and that for a change he had someone with a gun on his side. The kung fooey part of Dexter that was ridiculous was how he could overpower all of his victims long enough to tranquilize them. Dexter, you idiot, why didn't you ever carry a gun when you went after these ruthless killers?
    I liked that the smarmy deputy marshal got offed for being stupid enough to let saxon loose. Of course, Debra's old boss is even more smarmy but basically a mercenary.
    As for life after Dexter no matter how it end.s... and I expect we'll have to wait until two weeks because I doubt the finale will air during the Emmy's.... not that there aren't enough good cop shows with ensemble casts -
    I would like to see life go on at Miami Metro with Debra, Angel, Matsuka, and Quinn.

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