Have You Ever Dated Someone With A 90 Day Rule?


  • Johnny Bazookaton - 9 years ago

    Used to be a fundie so I was a big user of the 90 day rule. Only it was 90 days before we could touch each others genitals. People have such creative ways of working loopholes into dogma. Although it ultimately worked against me (big surprise right?) since my girlfriends lost patience with my ridiculous standards and found a more readily accessible source of peen. Meh.

  • spacely - 9 years ago

    I dated a girl who TRIED to have that. This was back when "Girlfriends" was on UPN and one of them had that going. If I recall correctly, she couldn't keep it going either. I didn't pressure her or anything; I let it be on her. I think my "Are you sure?" question got on her nerves though (she knew I was teasing her). Anyway, I understand that there's no rush - she wanted to know me better because she could get comfortable. But an arbitrary number of days is meaningless in that regard - we were together six months, and she didn't know my actual first name (versus the shortened variant that everybody calls me).

  • J-Full - 9 years ago

    I've dated a number of women with 90-day rules or who were virgins. It's part of the whole "Christian guilt" thing. I also stayed meeting hoes at/through church. Really church is a gold mine for hoes if you're a black man. There are hardly any niggas there; so if you're that dude that knows at least 3 scriptures you pretty much can have your pick, ESPECIALLY if the congregation has a lot of college students. All that being said, every time I've gotten closer to God it was because I was tryna get some pussy. God definitely knows my heart.

    Back to this 90-day shit... a lot of chicks would try and hit me with the 90 day rule or any arbitrary-day-rule. But they realize they get horny just as much as us niggas do. When you're an all-pro finger-banger and a cunnilingus nobel prize winner eventually they're begging for the D. Sometimes i think people just have those rules so they can pretend like they ain't a hoe. Be an adult. Fuck if you want to fuck. Personally, I like to fuck on the first date. But I only go on first dates with people after vetting them for a while. That's how i rationalize my sluttery.

    One last thing *Brent Voice* my willingness to tolerate these "make em wait rules" is directly proportionate to attractiveness. Ain't nothing worse than a marginal ass chick trying to make you wait 90 days for the yams. Little does she know you don't want the yams THAT bad.

    It's superficial as fuck but I think people gotta take into account their relative attractiveness when coming up with these rules. I feel like if you're a rusty nickel on your best day, a 90 day rule might not work for you. I guess that makes it seem like I'm saying ugly folks need to fuck faster...maybe I am.

    Shit, I'm ugly. That's why I got a 2 week rule. Okay more like a 2 day rule. Whatever, dont' judge me!

  • Chi love - 9 years ago

    When I was 10.

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