Favorite Krizz Kaliko Album?


  • RHR - 11 years ago

    I loved all of them, honestly, but I had to go with Kickin' And Screamin'.
    I think my top two favorite Krizz songs are Scars and Wannabe, but even though I love Son of Sam as a second favorite, Kickin' and Screamin' had an overall more powerful line-up.

  • Cullen - 11 years ago

    I can't believe Shock Treatment is the lowest on the poll. It was so good. I had a hard time deciding between Shock Treatment, Kickin' and Screamin', and Genius the most. Beautiful stuff man. Beautiful stuff.

  • Shane 'Gangrene' Radovan - 11 years ago

    Love all the albums, but Genius takes it all man. That album takes me back man. Helped me a lot in a really rough time. Probably the roughest time of my life. Favorite track - Bipolar. STRAAAAANGE!

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