Do You Have A Primary Care Physician Of The Opposite Sex?


  • YourHoodLawyer - 9 years ago

    Since I moved to Maryland, I haven't gotten a new doctor yet but my last couple of doctors have been male. I don't have any preference, even when it comes time for the annual exam. As long as you don't look like Steve Buscemi, you can be my doctor.

  • ProfessLCH - 9 years ago

    Now that I think about it (and have listened to the episode)? I've had a MARVELOUS WM gyn. He was sensitive, funny, non-creepy, and amazingly detailed. I saw him because my, then, lady doc referred me because she was moving. Alas: as wonderful as he was? He did not move me off my dime. I'm glad he exists and hope more like him out there, especially now with Obamacare (because Obama DOES care). But, I'm pretty clear on this preference.

    As for speaking your mind? It's hard because you are often frightened. And doctors have God Complexes. And their education and training is superior to the patients when it comes to doctoring. Also: there IS an actual (versus perceived) health gap because of the disparities that exist when doctors treat some populations versus others. But, sometimes? You NEED to speak your mind. It's hard. But, you may be forced to.

    Anyway: since I am a Premium Subscriber? Let me get outta here and go walk/jog to keep my health up so that I could live forever and support my TBGWT habit. :o)

  • ProfessLCH - 9 years ago

    I don't play that; sorry. In fact? My goal ALWAYS is ALL BLACK WOMAN EVERYTHING. I've traveled across state lines to make that my truth; I've kept doctors for decades for that. It's my preference. I make it work as much as possible. There are exceptions to the rule (I live in America and have lived in some of its non-Blackest parts); however, the exceptions are exceptional, as I presume that they will be less adept serving me; sorry. I may be wrong; however, I personally am quite uncomfortable with people unlike me having so much control over me. Again: it happens and when it does, I have tried to roll with it. STILL. 'Tis how I get down whenever possible.

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