Does Having An Ethnically "Black" Name Hurt A Child's Future?


  • dafollower8633 - 9 years ago

    At this point it seems preferable to have my children avoid those with the antiquated racist mindset of generations previous to mine. There are plenty of avenues through just about any profession for someone with skill to gain advancement. People still seem to think that the only avenue to "true" success is through the people who despise you. I'd rather allow my child the gift of avoiding someone with a name prejudice immediately and save them the time of being a talented workhorse whose reputation gets tarnished because some butthole was allowed to practice that undercover 'cism and keep them "in their place." Put it on the table early and often is what I say.

  • P. Andre Joseph - 9 years ago

    Honestly, that came into consideration when naming my daughter. We compromised on Olivia (OJ for short) because we knew that people would judge if her name was too "ethnic".

    I've used my name as a tool to get ahead. On my resumes, I leave out Andre and add my second middle name, Edward. (yes 4 names, five if you count Jr.) I see it all the time when people realized that they've been talking to a black man after the initial phone call back.
    We can easily say that people with "ethnic" names wont hurt a child's future, but in reality most people will not hire a Adrianandious Blackeye (that is a real name) over Theodore "Ted" Bundy. The National Bureau of Economic Research did a study about 10 years and it showed that white names have a 50% higher call back rate than black names. Its not saying that they wont be successful but it will make it much harder for them to succeed.

    Heres a link to the study if you guys want to read it later.

  • ProfessLCH - 9 years ago

    Future? NOPE.

    Present? Maybe.

    Why? Because the kid has to survive parents' (giving the name) and outsiders' (mistreating because of the name) FIRST.

  • Chuck Spears - 9 years ago

    In the past I felt my name on a resume got an automatic placement to the circular file cabinet on the floor. You know, the blue bin with those arrows that form a triangle? But ultimately it seems the only thing that limits a person is hem/herself. As mentioned, Oprah, Barack Obama, and Condoleeza seem to be doing fine. As for other well-off folks with the most astonishing of "black" names, there's always the NBA, NFL, or a record deal. Anfernee? Beyonce? LeBron? Shaquille?

    There's no way the author of the article doesn't know who these people are. And I'm pretty sure none of theme have been to prison. The author has a pretty interesting name herself and she seems to be doing ok.

  • Solidaire - 9 years ago

    I would have said no, but I met a girl named La Trina....

  • Chi love - 9 years ago

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