Should you pay for truth talks?
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  • Joe - 7 years ago

    NO CHARGING FOR ACCESS but we all know, we have to eat. So, Ask for donations because it does cost money.

    The quality of the calls Fakeologist, Markus, Chris to name a few are superior and sending
    a few $ 1,5,10,20 or whatever wouldn't be a bother or inconvenience and frankly highly encouraged to keep this going.

    As you can see Markus went to the Pay Wall and his calls were outstanding but I cant and
    wont submit to a subscription not even the $2 or so he wanted for the 911 deal. To be privy to me and rope a dope me into a subscription just doesn't work for me any way. Ya I can cancel through Paypal but I dont even want to get into that. Ask for the $ If you need it or otherwise would help to keep the calls going

    If you don't need the MONEY then buy the callers Coffee or Beer with it while we listen

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