The BBC Astronomy Programme "The Sky at Night"

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  • Pam Ward - 10 years ago

    t When Patrick passed away , i made a comment that the show should be taken off air and a new show put in it's place. They can still use the same people and maybe a few new ones . It also needs a better time slot and a bigger slot too so younger audiences can also view. With all that is going on in the world of astronomy and Space, they will not run short of topics. Also should include a section on getting started e g :- teaching Constellations,all about the planets , equipment to use , so on and so forth. It saddens me that the program is ending , I grew up with it like most of us , but it was Sir Patrick's baby. The current team, I feel , are constantly walking in Sir Patrick's shadow while the show is called Sky at Night ? When I think of that program I think of Patrick . Also an half hour show is just not long enough for this type of program. If they had their own show , the team's own personality would come shining through , they may have their own ideas they would like included. It is so important for something to continue . I bet most of us got started with Patrick and sky at night , myself included. We have to give the younger ones the same opportunity. |Thank you for letting me make this comment . Pam Ward.

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