What would you have done in Tamara's situation?


  • Anonymous - 8 years ago

    The wedding was called off because she finally admitted that she is a lesbian. She is now married to a woman. It's a shame how people judge when the truth of the story was never revealed.

  • Stephanie - 11 years ago

    This is good that she took a negative and turned it into something positive. She still has to mend her broken heart and that will take time. I think she is on the right path. God bless her and her family.

  • louise segars - 11 years ago

    God bless you all for turning a bad situation into a beautiful happening!!!!! I lived in Athens, Georgia for 36 years and I have "plenty" of times fed the hungry on the streets through my church!!!! And there are many!!! So I am very happy to hear that you took the time to give!!!!

  • Robert Placa - 11 years ago

    That is one awsome family one of the most amazing thing Ive seen. Only because this happened to my
    daughter. I wish I could have done this for her!!!

  • Laurie - 11 years ago

    I'm not sure I would have thought of this idea, but once hearing it I believe that I would want to do it. What a beautiful way to deal with an awkward and hurtful situation. I'm sure their lives will be blessed instead of bitter because of it.

  • John - 11 years ago

    What a warm and fuzzy story. God bless the Fowlers. My problem is with the poll. I am sure that at least half of the people who said they would have given a dinner would not if the situation really hit them. I know in their heart they would want to, but I don't think they really would.

  • DAVEZACK - 11 years ago

    What an incredibly gracious/charitable act. The Fowler family is obviously wonderful and loving. Bless them a million times over!!

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