Is Karen a Nerd?


  • Da Kc Stork - 9 years ago

    Yes and I love it.

  • justin p - 9 years ago

    yea, shes a nerd. not a "cosplay" nerd. or one of those "i know this random fact thats uber important!!(but its really not tho)" nerds. but shes a "pre-order an encyclopedia-size strategy guide for Fable" nerd. LET HER B GREAT!

  • Animaine Sparkster (Inegro Montoya) - 9 years ago

    Karen went IN on a video game company. Dats some nerd shit. No way around it. She turned a somber segment about a dead company president into an epic rant session against the corporate machine of gaming, permanently solidifying her place in nerdom as far as I'm concerned. She strolled her nerd nuts ('scuse me, nerd ovaries) around the block PROPER. There's different levels to nerdery and she may not nerd as hard as others, but she's a nerd nonetheless. Accept your nerd status, Karen. It comes with a lightsaber that you don't have to throw buku $ at to upgrade.

    Sidenote: Any plans to have N'Jaila Rhee on the Nerd Off any time soon?

  • Dunedragon - 9 years ago

    Karen a nerd? Hell to the no! With the popularity of pop culture expanding (excuses the pun) I feel it takes more being interested in games, comics, movies etc to be called a nerd. I don't believe that a nerd has to be socially handicapped. What I feel really makes a nerd a nerd is those small nuances others dont practice. Like spending huge amounts of time and money to prep a cosplay outfit for Comicon, giant collection of WoW figurines etc. Every one knows which planet in Star Wars that Yoda came from, but who knows the name of the Starship that was chasing down Princess Leia at the beginning of Episode IV? The nerd does.

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