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Which of these extra MP6 color schemes (in addition to default light and dark) would you use? (Poll Closed)

Total Votes: 1,292

  • Gérard Mathiuet - 10 years ago

    I'd like to help build a color-scheme-customizer. Could anyone tell me where to start? :)

  • chris - 10 years ago

    what no pink??

  • Geoff - 10 years ago

    Sorry, but they're all too loud and distracting for me, a fault I find with most pre-packaged color schemes. I want to focus on the content not the chrome.

  • Jeffro - 10 years ago

    Oh, I'm also wondering why there is not a Theme Customizer like panel for something such as MP6 or the back-end itself. That way, I make it look the way I like and don't have to rely on the default theme or hope that a color scheme matches my tastes?

  • Jeffro - 10 years ago

    Frustrating that I can't see the images after I voted. I only voted for one scheme because I didn't like the colors of all the others. I like the lighter look of Pixel but preferred the Yellow be green instead.

  • Brandon McConnell - 10 years ago

    I would love to see two more color schemes: Grayscale and Classic. Grayscale meaning the UI would be black, gray, and white, and Classic meaning the current (3.6) color scheme applied to the new backend theme.

  • Amit - 10 years ago

    Midnight as default + option for selecting "Your Workplace"

  • Azizur Rahman - 10 years ago

    Problem with this result is it's from developers mostly.

  • Mac - 10 years ago

    Light and dark by default and the rest optional choice with a configurator, no preset at all.

  • Ansel Taft - 10 years ago

    Is there a chance we could vote on some subtler color schemes?

  • Helen H-S - 10 years ago

    I suppose this poll was a little too open-ended - the options here don't include the dark and light defaults because they are already slated to be included. Think of this as more "fun additions" and just snap judgments of personal taste. Not liking any of them is valid, too. :)

  • Seb Szocinski - 10 years ago

    I agree with Manuel - these colours are too distracting and to be honest a little too "fun" for a serious piece of software... It should be just simple black / grey / white with perhaps a highlight colour.... in this case the Midnight is the best...

  • Denise - 10 years ago

    For general use, I'm also most partial to the MP6 Light—I find that most of the new options have such solid, dark colours that it weighs down my screen, especially when I'm on the small-screen laptop. On the other hand, if I was feeling saucy, I might throw on the 'Sunrise' scheme, or the brown 'Pixel' one. Ooh la la!

  • Rindy Portfolio - 10 years ago

    There will be multiple choices, right?

  • Manuel Schmalstieg - 10 years ago

    I find all those colors very distracting, to be honest. A greyscale interface, with blue as a highlight color, is still the best writing environment.

    The current standard WordPress theme, even if we feel bored with it after years of daily use, has a really good balance of lightness and contrast.
    In the default MP6 theme, what I like best is the typography, the refreshing absence of rounded angles, and the blue highlight color. It feels dynamic and refreshing. I still find the dark sidebars a tad too dark and oppressive.

    I would really enjoy a light grey MP6 theme - something in the mood of the GitHub interface. But it's not easy to get that contrast balance right!

    I tested the "MP6 light" scheme that is included (but disabled), but I found it lacked contrast. Some of the hover states (blue on medium grey) didn't work well. But the screenshot shared by Mel Choice looks different (a red contrast here, interesting!), but it looks still too grey on grey, too little contrast, a bit demotivating :)

    Basically, the light MP6 scheme should be light, but not dull. A bit more spicy.

    There's another "MP6 light" scheme as a plugin, by BandonRandon, which is quite good. The background is brighter, which produces more contrast and makes it feel more energetic. But the dark admin bar at the top is standing out a bit too much. Anyway, it's what I'm currently using as my personal interface.

    Question: I figured out how we can find the schemes in mp6/components/, and modify them - but where should we put custom schemes if we don't want them to be overwritten by updates?

  • Hugh Paterson - 10 years ago

    I know that keeping the same color scheme goes against "innovation" but is keeping the grey still an option?
    BTW: Peter Chester's comment makes a lot of sense.

  • Mel Choyce - 10 years ago

    Taylor: Have you looked at the Default Light scheme?

  • Taylor - 10 years ago

    Ooh.. fun colors...

    I'd prefer to see one with a sidebar that isn't as contrasty and attention grabbing, but instead blends more into the background.

  • Paul - 10 years ago

    Current generic gray with high contrast is very good in my opinion. Its high contrast makes all the elements clearly visible and I finally see that post editing page consists of boxes. In 3.6.1 skin it's blended with the background and the menu.

  • Agadir - 10 years ago

    I'd like a lot the blue and midnight color schemes.

  • Evan - 10 years ago

    blue and midnight ftw!

  • Peter Chester - 10 years ago

    I would personally only use the black and grey default that we've been playing with originally and would use custom color schemes for my customers based on their brand. I think a customizer is more important that presets.

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