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Should Ricardo continue on to Cape Town (leg 2)??? (Poll Closed)

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  • Joelle - 9 years ago

    Go for it Richard! I have enjoyed reading your story so far, much more fun than completing spreadsheets! You are truly amazing and your children must be so proud of you! Best of luck and take care. x

  • Kaka - 9 years ago

    NB "No, for the love of god, we're all worried sick about you - come home!" - nil pointe **snigger snort**

  • Ross - 9 years ago

    you only live once

  • Davina - 9 years ago

    Do whatever your heart tells you! I can't tell you how proud I am of you for doing this much so far. I can't imagine how difficult/trying it has been for all of be in such a confined space in such trying circumstances makes me think you are all amazing. I just know I couldn't have done it, so my immense respect goes to each and every one of you. I have spent at least an hour every night following your progress with delight/respect/ hope/fear/ anticipation/ dread etc ....If this carries on to Cape Town I'm sure to lose some weight with anxiety or suffer a serious case of apoplexy !!! ( I haven't commented on Joanna's post 'cos I don't know how to! doesn't mean that I haven't thought about you every day tho') I found a site ( God knows how!!) & commented on it that I was jumping up & down with excitement when you got out of the Doldrums in 3rd place. Someone replied ( Quindoa supporters site?) that I must have helped cause the wind with my excitement!!!! Lovely thought ....but it might have been rude!!!!! Anyway If you want my have proved yourself beyond doubt to be amazing in the face of adversity, learnt a lot about yourself undoubtedly, will have amazing memories to recall in your dotage, need to do nothing else to prove that you are a star, & can look forward to wonderful conversations about this journey with your grandchild/ren. I'm behind you whatever you choose to do. I wonder if you will get this!!!! Loads of love Davina

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