Who's the best main Dexter antagonist?

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  • X -- Dexterfan - 11 years ago

    Farewell Dexter once upon a time you were my favorite friend

    Guess we will never know what it would have looked like to have Dexter and Deb discovered as LaGuerta's murderers. I really thought something would have happened with LaGuerta's investigation of Dexter as the BHB, when Laguerta had a judge signed order to see Deb and Dexter's GPS the night Travis Marshall's death. LaGuerta investigation into Dexter and than LaGuerata ends up just shot. Matthews should have been suspicious.

    Or would have liked to see Matthews and Deb looking at Dexter through the pane glass as Dexter sits in the lethal injection chair in the state of FL, the same window Dexter once looked through when Harry brought him to see an execution by lethal injection

    Or would have liked to see Joey Quinn resurrect his theory from season 5, Kyle Butler / Dexter Morgan, and Quinn looks into Liddy's murder and discovers Dexter is the BHB.

    Lots of endings I would have appreciated. just about Any ending to Dexter series would have been okay, except the ending where a hurricane named Laura and Hannah McKay and Harrison and Dexter dumping Deb into the ocean. so stupid.

    Even if the ending was predictable, the emotion of Dexter's life coming to an end is what would have been emotional.
    Dexter leaves forensics and can no longer vet people. So pointless.
    Harrison has a brother and sister, and grandparents that wouldn't just forget abut Harrison. Aster and Cody will look for their brother. at this point I don't' care about what happens because the show wrote the one ending that would make me hate Dexter forever!!!!!

    Professional level, very disappointed with exec producers
    and even C. Hall to just rush the show to an end like the way Showtime Writers crashed the depth to Dexter
    So disappointed that Hall would be okay with the ending

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