What will be a bigger business for Tesla in five years?

  • Mike Young - 13 years ago

    The bailouts are a joke and all should realize the fact. $50Bil. to Auto Co. to retool, should be a govt.loan from the banks they already GAVE money to! TESLA MOTORS should be in congress with PELOSI explaing to her how TESLA has the answer! How obvious is the solution for TESLA to supply AMERICAN CAR co. with thier patented battery electric drive train.

  • Dan Frederiksen - 13 years ago

    it's a shame when polls have very restrictive options.
    what about an option that says about the same on both. or that they wont make money on either. 146$ million spent and 10 cars delivered. they are a little in the red so far.
    or an option that they'll make a lot of money on the stock value since business people are insane and money at that level is fictitious.

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