Should Qatar host the 2022 World Cup?


  • Hamad - 9 years ago

    Instead of Qatar, U.A.E. should be given the hosting right of 2022 World Cup.
    U.A.E. is much better and care for human than arrogant Qatar

  • joe blough - 9 years ago

    Age for retirement is generally 65.Sepp Blotter is way past his 'sell by date' and should have taken the ramifications into consideration. No way a sane mind could give the WC to any nation that does not conform to the majority ways of the rest of the world. I would like to take my lady to the games, kiss at a winning goal and not get thrown in jail.......come on now - think about the temperatures and dust. Soccer is primarily a winter a sport, Aug to May with ALL European nations busy during those months and unable to reschedule due to an enormously bad decision by Blotter and FIFA. He HAS TO GO !! what about hotel costs for the average dude who cannot afford mid-east ridiculous high prices because they all have oil in their pockets. Be a man Blatter - earn your ridiculous salary and CHANGE the venue.....PLEASE.

  • the truth - 9 years ago

    The truth is that Qatari's had probably no interest in football whatsoever until the past half century (and in truth in the past couple decades). They have never even participated in a World Cup and yet here we are awarding them the opportunity to host one? They routinely 'employ' poor Asian construction workers to do their dirty work. All of that before considering the extremely poor playing (and spectating) conditions found inside the country in June and July. I cannot find one good reason for Qatar to host the World Cup. No problem with it going to the region but please give it to a nation that actually has a history of the sport like Egypt or even Iran.

  • Badhsha Backer - 9 years ago

    whats the big deal in an Arab country hosting a world cup? Qatar has every right to host the tournament and they have proven it by hosting the Asian Games in 2006 .
    There's no point in bringing terrorism into this topic as this has nothing to do with terrorism . No country in the world supports terrorism .

  • Cadmus - 9 years ago

    No to any gulf state supporting terrorism by funding and indirect support worldwide. Stop the gulf states oil money in helping terrorism.

  • beyond1224 - 9 years ago

    Doha Asian game was exciting in my opinion
    especially a prince riding a horse to ignite on the top of stadium
    Qatar should hold a World Cup year!

  • hillary - 9 years ago

    fifa called it a world cup,is Qatar not part of the world.why always making issues where ordinarily should no issue.stop all this and make things looks as if there is more to going to Qatar than meet the eyes.fifa would have stop them from bidding the very first time they bid.its wrong,more over any one who knows is going to watch a world cup should try at least for the next one month and abide by their rule and should not cross the line,this is the only way it would not look as if there is unequal opportunity for country from that region.lets watch the world cup 2022 in Qatar.

  • embee - 9 years ago

    The question posed in this poll in wrong - the question is whether Qatar should hold the event in Summer or Winter of 2022, whether Qatar should hold the event or not is closed already.

  • Shario - 9 years ago

    Any one else was involved in the share of $50 Billion to approve hosting of the World Cup in 50c (other than Bin Hamman cheques) , or all of these facts were not known to FIFA at the time of approval? Give us a break!

  • Ben - 9 years ago

    I feel sorry for the foreign women going to Qatar.

  • Hardtalk - 9 years ago

    No! No way! Think of how many fans might not come back just because he stopped to talk to one of their women. The worst idea I ever heard. A world championship in an Arabic oppressed country.

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