Is there a difference between animal welfare and animal rights?


  • Jim Demoruelle - 11 years ago

    Both groups preach "humane" Ag. does not treat animals as humans. However Farmers/Ranchers are very good at treating humans in a humane way. Both the Animal Right and the Animal Welfare Orgs. push animal legislation that is never in support of animals but when looked at with a narrow eye will find a financial benefit for the Animal Welfare/Rights Org. The Animal Org. will have some influence in the property of others, that they do not have an investment in, that will direct some income to itself.

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  • Stephen Nagy - 11 years ago

    I'm not sure I understand "animal rights" -- this seems more like a human (and in many instances, political) concept.

    Animal welfare, on the other hand, is easily defined as treating animals humanely and with respect. Most animal production facilities I've visited follow welfare best practices, keeping animals as comfortable and well-maintained as possible.

    But as far as bestowing "rights" to animals, I'm not sure what cause or agenda that advances.

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