Should the driver of the black SUV be charged for driving through the crowd of bikers surrounding his car?


  • Steve Mozinski - 10 years ago

    If my wife and child were in danger, the aftermath would have been worse. Pinned in by a biker gang?

  • Chris Marcus - 10 years ago

    he should be charged for not putting it in reverse when his window was being smashed. letting other driver know tht if ever in the same situation you have not chioce but to flee. or get a gun and open fire

  • Gina - 10 years ago

    I believe he should, there was no physical violence from bikers, the driver could have called 911. It looks like violence didnt start until he ran over biker &took off. I get he was scared I really do but b4 he ran the guy over hr had plenty of time to call 911. Also after hr ran over biker he sped off.That's against the law. I understand the emotional part but if you look at it black &white the law clearly states you can't leave the scene of accident. He should have driven right to police station if he was that scared

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