Should the Washington Redskins change their nickname?


  • John - 8 years ago

    Why all of a sudden they say something now about it and not when the name was first established ? Why now

  • Fred - 8 years ago

    I don't believe the reporting is as sound as it should have been for this story. If 11 groups are recognized in VA as tribes, then isn't ONE interview rather biased? Is there any way to find out how the other 10 tribes feel about this issue? OR, is Walt Brown the spokesman for all tribes?

  • Patches - 9 years ago

    C. Bowers' comment is about as ridiculous as comparing the team nbanner to the Nazi flag. Unless he (or she) is well over 100 years old, the only knowledge of scalps is something read in books. Pretty one sided view, too. "socially sactioned murders"? I suppose the settlers butchered in their homes or westward bound travelers strung up and disemboweled along the trail had no reason to fight back. Wake up. Losers get no say. A beaten enemy shuts up and moves on. The US beat the Nazis and we still berate them 70 years later. The "native Americans" got beat, too, but if all we are doing is naming a sports team in a way that honors the savagery in which the "Indians" fought, they should be happy. And don't try to drag "African Americans" into this. They got no more of a dog in this fight than this "European American".

  • skeet - 9 years ago

    Do we as a society have nothing better to do with our lives than bicker over a name? Get your panties out of a wad and put on some big boy pants and start living life!

  • Sherry Holliday - 9 years ago

    I say take the "Washington" out of the name....It's starting to embarrass us...

  • slk - 9 years ago

    What is not being said, is that there was a bounty for every "red skin" brought in.It did not matter if the Native person was a man,women,child,infant.This was the history behind this name. do people realy want to wear this history.....skinned native people for money? Realy?This happened. It is ,"just another form of genocide", that was put onto the Native other race...............for MONEY. Chased down, gunned down and skinned..............thrown onto the horse in piles,taken to the goverment and money recieved. Think on this history.

  • B Mistishen - 9 years ago

    Perhaps if President Obama and Bob Costas would like to rid the world of a franchise name that is insulting, objectifying and de-humanizing a significant portion of the population, they should combine their efforts and use their bully pulpits to force "Hooters" to change its name.

  • ct - 9 years ago

    Why are they trying to start something? The native americans themselves are not the ones starting this fight.
    Why is Obama involved when he has done nothing to recognize many Native Americans??

  • cm - 9 years ago

    Five people are offended so the team has to change its name?? What a bunch of BS.

    I'm offended at Progressive Insurance's name because Progressives have been destroying this country since 1900 and continue to do so today. So if the Redskins have to change their name, so does Progressive Insurance!

  • Adam - 9 years ago

    of course, nobody around here would agree.. a bunch of narrow-minded bigots.

  • M. Keeton - 9 years ago

    My mother is part Apache, and has never been insulted by the name. As a matter of fact, she proudly wore her Redskins jersey whenever they played and was PROUD of her team. I am not at all insulted. Red is a adjective, just like white or black. If the team was named the honkies, savages, chinks, etc., THAT would be disrespectful. I also have an African-American brother-in-law that agrees. (and he truly IS African-American...he was born in Nigeria!)

  • C Bowers - 9 years ago

    Sorry . . . submitted above comment before completing. Would think African-Americans would understand how insulting this name is and would stand with Native Americans in demanding that the "R word" be made as unacceptable to all Americans as the "N word" is. It is a simple matter of empathy and respect.

  • C Bowers - 9 years ago

    Native Americans have legitimate grounds for requesting this change. The term "Redskins" is beyond offensive as it was used by whites who encouraged the killing of as many native inhabitants of the American continent and offered monetary rewards for each "redskin" (scalps of men, women and children) turned in by white, socially sanctioned murderers. I would think all African-Americans would understand the obscene insult carried by this epithet

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