Will Mobile Phones Eventually Replace DSLRs Completely?


  • Michael Moore - 10 years ago

    They'll likely never replace DSLR's, Point and Shoot cameras may be another story...

  • Rick - 10 years ago

    When cell phones have interchangeable lenses with fully adjustable apertures and high quality glass it might happen. Not holding my breath.

  • Demos - 10 years ago

    I agree that a phone is useful for doing lots of things like a Swiss army knife is but as the phone evolves so will the dslr.

  • Xander - 10 years ago

    Mobiles phones will play a major role, competing with compacts and more straight forward and connected. DSLRs will be intended for other market shares such as experts or professionals.

  • willdmo - 10 years ago

    as long as there is no lens replacement, DOF control, no RAW image DSLRs simply cant be replaced by mobile phones. P+S Cameras might be replaced sooner or later

  • SF - 10 years ago

    Although mobile phones will play a major role in the future of photography, it just does not have the latitude that DSLR's offer.

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