Which woman was the most suitable for Dexter?


  • Espen - 10 years ago

    I think Rita was best for him, too bad she got killed, I think she is the most beatiful of them also with Deb being the second

  • Joseph DeGennero - 10 years ago

    Whatever the failings of Dexter's final two seasons - and I enjoyed them except for the final two episodes - Hannah McKay was a great character and had great chemistry with Dexter. She lit up the scren with her exuberance for her character even well beyond being smoking hot. I actually enjoyed all of Dexter's women except for RIta throughout the series and would even include the relationship with Dr. Evelyn (Charlotte Rampling) as at least as sexual-beneath-the-surface as his relationship with Deb. Rita was the only dull one to me. I know Lumen wasn't so popular with a lot of viewers - I thought she was terrific and had great chemistry. I thought Lila's portrayal was outstanding and the actress did a better job of having chemistry with Hall than Hall with her. But Hannah has to win. She did a better job of creating a believeable psychopath doing what she must with the skills and resources she had and cultivated than almost all who appeared on the show other than Trinity.

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