Do you think the SGA should fund club funding requests for off-campus events?

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  • Anonymous - 6 years ago

    I think that, as long as an event off-campus is educational, there is no reason not to fund it. I also believe comparing a fraternity to a student organization that is academically based is both ridiculous and insulting. In the case of the Criminal Justice Club, the conference would better the students going in their field of study. What does a frat conference consist of other than members of the same frat more or less hanging out. My understanding is that a frat conference is nothing more than a social gathering, and has NOTHING to do with academics. If a conference, or anything else for that matter (for example a few years ago there was a trip to see "BODY WORLDS & The Cycle of Life" at the Museum of Science and Industry via the biology club if I'm not mistaken) is academically based and furthers a students understanding of a subject (is educational), then I'm all for MY money paying for that. i would NOT be ok with my money going towards frat boys meeting up to pat each other on the back and telling lewd and off-color jokes. I would rather my student funds be put towards education than to bring a washed up comedian to campus.

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