Will bike lanes be a deciding factor for your vote in the November 2014 Vancouver civic election?

  • Kevin Decarie-Bergeron - 7 years ago

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  • Kevin Decarie-Bergeron - 7 years ago

    I for on am against this completely for many reasons.

    Firstly you are rediculous in stating that bike lanes are a major malfuction when they facilitate an equality setting for thos on bike as opposed to those in motor vehicules.

    I for one enjoy the mighty electric scooter on a very constant basis and withought these lanes i would be stuck in traffic all the time. as well on the side of the motorist the bike lanes protect you as well from the rampant distraction of thinking "is an object going to come out of nowhere" usualy withbike lanes no, because pedestrians use it to to walk dogs that need space to operate, wheel chair accessibility, as well as the convienience of the mighty ashphalt. i say not only tax payers have the right to the roads roads are for everyone withing and on the outside or else what is a road goog for...

    Kevin Decarie-Bergeron
    You may facebook me regarding the subject.

    Montreal, PQ, Canada

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    Bench press: 16 reps

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