If an election were held today, would you vote for Sen. Mike Lee?

  • Laura - 9 years ago

    The news calls it a governmental "shut down" (trying to make Lee seem like the bad guy) and what people hear over and over they tend to believe. I've worked in the medical field for several years and do not see good coming from what is called "Obama care". Pres. Obama "shut down" some governmental services himself. If we tend to let government keep "controlling" so much of our lives (health, education, etc.), we soon will find we won't have much say at all .... socialism is much the same as communism. Yet many do not seem to mind if government "takes care of us." I did not support Lee before, but am now very much impressed with his courage and conviction to do stand up against a strong force of what I see as evil.

  • Robert Kehrer - 9 years ago

    I am WAY more likely to vote for Mike Lee now than I was before. In spite of being told by the Republican establishment that freshmen have no power we witnessed what a lie that was. One Congressman and One senator, both freshmen who are principled and courageous shut down the machine against the screaming and vilification of the corrupt leadership. Imagine what we could get accomplished if we had dozens of Ted Cruzs and Mike Lees in the congress.

  • Debra Haas - 9 years ago

    The hatred of the progressive Republicans against Mike Lee and Ted Cruz should be evaluated by the American people for what it is, a Saul ALinsky method of attack to take down opponents with smearing tactics, marginalization, and misinformation to confuse and mislead the public. We need to stand firmly with Mike Lee and Ted Cruz and work to educate all those who are misinformed, especially here in Utah where our caucas system is under attack.

  • Shirley - 9 years ago

    I believe Obama shut down the government and I will definitely vote for Mike Lee I worked on his
    campaign getting him elected and he is doing a great job. Thank you Senator Lee.

  • Dennis Harrison - 9 years ago

    Mike Lee is doing exactly what I personally asked him to do--stand up for what is right and especially the Constitution and make an impact. If he wasn't going to do anything, I didn't want him there.

    I like the comment about trying to throw the boat into reverse before going over the waterfall just ahead. Well, we have gone over the Obamacare fall.

  • Wayne - 9 years ago

    I suspect that most people voting against Mike Lee are individuals who earn their living off taxpayer money. In other words, those who want the nanny state because they can't, or won't, provide for themselves, or often choose to take the "easy way out." These are the same people who find no fault in Obama, no matter how much he overtly works to destroy the greatest nation in the world, and turn it into a nice little Socialist society where those in charge can live off the backs of taxpayers. And, by the way, there are fewer real tax payers each year. Thank you Mike Lee, and shame on Hatch and the do-nothing on any real issue, Matheson.

  • Pia Connors - 9 years ago

    Clearly, Mike Lee is our "Mr. Smith" who has gone to Washington and clearly the opposition is characterized by several "Taylors" who do not like to see their little empires threatened and crumbing and are trying everything to undermine the man because they cannot muster the courage to attack his ideas. I wish we had more like senator Lee!

  • Rob - 9 years ago

    So one of the Senators who was instrumental in getting the gov't shutdown is now outraged that...

    Give me a break.

  • Rob - 9 years ago

    @ Mr Law
    "crushing blow after crushing blow to the Constitution"

    If you ever read the Constitution, you'd know that the Supreme Court is the final arbiter on the constitutionality of laws. If you have a problem with any, I invite you to sue. Otherwise, you're simply bloviating.

  • Mr. Law - 9 years ago

    To the double-posting, hyperventilating, 'Progressive' Laytonian:

    Calm down.

    Just because Mike Lee is far more widely supported and respected than the Marxist media would lead us to believe, doesn't mean that you need to freak out and flail about in a desperate attempt to falsely portray this poll as worthless.


    Barack Hussein Obama, clearly your hero, has delivered crushing blow after crushing blow to the Constitution. We would need SIXTY Mike Lee and Ted Cruz clones to be able to properly defend the Constitution of the United States of America (and our Natural Law rights), as well as a two-thirds majority in the House, and a majority in the Supreme Court and control of the White House, to be able to undo the damage 'Progressives' have done to America.

    If anybody should be worried, it's those of us who actually revere the Constitution as an inspired document. We who actually love liberty, and despise tyranny, are the ones seemingly on the ropes, not your 'Progressive' buddies in both parties. And let's not even get into the hardcore revolutionary Marxists...they're practically wetting themselves with joy over the destruction the Obama Regime has inflicted upon America.

    But if we can recruit and elect another few dozen Mikes and Teds next year, THEN you can start worrying about your Marxist overthrow of our Constitution being derailed; THEN you can worry about having to put up with a restoration of American LIBERTY.

    By the way, for somebody who pretends to revere the scientific method, you certainly have a way of exposing voluminous scientific ignorance. The poll locks you out of multiple attempts at voting, as I'm sure you found out when you tried to vote against Mike Lee several times. Stop pretending you don't know that. You're making everybody embarrassed for you!

  • Laytonian - 9 years ago

    This is a NONstatistical, self-selecting, unscientific poll -- exactly what the NONstatistical, self-selecting, UNscientific Mike Lee supporters will vote YES on multiple times.

    If you want REAL results, use standard statistical methods and random sampling techniques.

  • Laytonian - 9 years ago

    This is a NONstatistical, self-selecting, unscientific poll -- exactly what the NONstatistical, self-selecting, UNscientific Mike Lee supporters will vote YES on multiple times.

    If you want REAL results, use standard statistical methods and random sampling techniques.

  • Dale Johnson - 9 years ago

    I talk with many on gov. support: food stamps, housing, wic etc. enslaved by govenrment who put them into unemployment forcing them onto these programs. Now they are enslaved and nowhere to go. there never will be a place to go unless we get more men and women like Mike Lee who will take a stand and stop this enslaving machine we call government. I don't agree with all he does, but he is one of the few doing anything to make a change. Any healing takes some pain, some stretching, and courage. I wish all of our leaders would hear the outcry of we citizens and say "No" to Obamacare and government spending. NOTHING the government has tried to run has been financially successful. Get the jobs back into the private side, which creates jobs,, and gets people OFF the dole. We need 400 Mike Lees.

  • Fred R. Willoughby - 9 years ago

    Ted Cruz for President, Mike Lee for Vice-President; let's start organizing right now!

    Fred R. Wlloughby
    801 - 973 0283

  • Lynda Ogden - 9 years ago

    Mike Lee has stood up in Washington for freedom and the Constitution. He has made great personal sacrifices, but has been unwavering in his defense of our founding principles. I know we can believe him, and trust him.

  • Colette Pehrson - 9 years ago

    Mike Lee is an amazing Statesman (not politician) He has truly shown us the correct and true principles our Founding Fathers placed before us...quite frankly I think George Washington would be proud of him and shake his hand...Orrin Hatch on the other hand is no better than Woodrow Wilson (what an abomination). I could see Hatch was a rhino during the election but Utahn's were blinded. What a shame for our state.

  • Mr. Law - 9 years ago

    Mike Lee is far and away the most principled, Constitution-honoring, oath-of-office-keeping, honorable United States Senator Utah has been blessed to have representing this great state in living memory, and possibly in history.

    Senator Lee's adherence to the Constitution, his courage in standing up to the king-men...I mean, 'Progressives' & Marxists attempting to spend America into oblivion, will be written of in our history books, and told to our children and grandchildren. U.S. Senator Mike Lee is the only solid Constitutionalist representing Utah in Congress, I'm afraid.

    Mike Lee deserves the gratitude of all Utahns for his honorable, Constitution-defending service.

    Note how Marxists have nothing to offer other than hateful vitriol and false accusations against Senator Lee. By their fruits shall ye know them. And Mike Lee's fruit is a spirited defense of the Inspired Constitution of the United States of America, while the fruit of the Marxists is hateful contention.

  • David - 9 years ago

    It's time for reason to rule emotion, and Mike Lee has chosen this road less traveled.
    Those on the other road can only scoff.

  • mike - 9 years ago

    Mike and his buddies are like spoiled children saying "if I can't win, then nobody will!" and we'll all pay the price for his lost cause.

  • DB - 9 years ago

    I still LIKE MIKE! I was honored to be a state delegate the year we voted him in and Bennett out! Was not so fortunate this past election cycle to be able to vote against the Career Politian Hatch! What a waste of seniority! Stay strong Mike we are praying for you!

  • Utah Red - 9 years ago

    Hooray for Mike Lee. I'm so happy to have this man representing me. Finally a Republican that will hold to his sworn oath to uphold the Constitution. Down with RINO's.

  • Andrea hughes - 9 years ago

    Stand Firm! All republicans need to stand firm and not buckle!! Don't let them bully you like they bully the rest of the people in the U.S.

  • Bobby Gardner - 9 years ago

    You can vote as many times as you want, only the first one will be counted. Nice try though. It must hurt to see how easily Senator Lee would win re-election.

  • Joseph Weaver - 9 years ago

    I've only scratched the surface of Mike Lee's political activity. But when I saw a ten minute clip of him speaking to Congress a few days ago I was convinced: He spoke with respect to a respect-worthy body, he presented his arguments for the shutdown and obamacare succinctly, and he established the credibility of his arguments right or wrong with quotes from the founding fathers.

    Weather we agree with Mike Lee on the issues or not, I think he has the right approach, which is a better impression than I usually get from high ranking government officials.

  • Don - 9 years ago

    Even the elect will be fooled. We voted him in to do what he is doing! If your against Lee, you are listening to too much MSNBC

  • Christian Viewmont - 9 years ago

    Are you guy nuts? Calling Mike "fiscal responsible" Lee a "great Man" and wishing that "we had many more principled politicians like Senator Lee"? In what kind of frigging Rabbit Hole must one jump to hold these kind of beliefs? Mr. Lee's history on defaulting loans is legendary. For example, he conveniently walked away from a $400,000 loan on his home last year, nor "responsible" in my book. But to hold the government at gunpoint to try to force a change in established law is not only insane, it is criminal. Mr. Lee personifies what is wrong about America.

  • Kent - 9 years ago

    Sorry, your pool is flawed. I just voted three times. Mike Lee is crooked and likely has his cronies over voting. He is a shameless and puppet of a man.

  • Daniel Moir - 9 years ago

    Obamacare has destroyed my life. I lost a great job because of it. It has got to go. It is a sword worth dying on and I appreciate Mike Lee's doing what is right regardless of the consequences.

  • Mel - 9 years ago

    Everyone of our elected officials take an oath to defend and protect the constitution. When someone actually does like Sen. Lee, some call him radical. We need fewer socialists and many more like him.

  • Jeff C - 9 years ago

    The results that more senior senators in Washington are now trying to take credit for would not have happened had Senator Lee not taken a stand when he did. Thank you Senator!

  • Don M - 9 years ago

    It's soo funny to listen to all the "obstructionist" comments around the web about Mike Lee. These same people would be sitting on a boat condemning the mall that wants to put on the brakes or reverse the boat, complaining that he doesn't want to move the throttle to "full steam" despite the waterfall ahead.

  • RJ - 9 years ago

    Mike Lee is doing the right thing. It may be painful but we cannot keep going deeper in debt. Do not raise the debt ceiling. We must cut spending. I do not support Obamacare but if the politicians want to pass it then cut somewhere else. Read My Lips - No New Taxes!

    The actions of the president and closing stuff that costs more to close than to let it operate is rediculous.

    I liken it to all of us are in a car headed for a cliff going 100 miles per hour. The Republicans do not want to go over the cliff and say no. The Democrats say ok we will cut some. Now we will only go over the cliff at 30 miles per hour. The republicans don't want to go over the cliff so they say no and are accused of not being willing to compromise. PEOPLE WAKE UP!! The time for that style of compromise is over. Cuts need to be made. Let's support Mike Lee and any others willing to do the right thing regardless of the pain. We have the perfect opportunity to not fund some of the stuff we shouldn't be paying for. The Republicans have been willing to fund anything but Obamacare in essence opening the government. It is the democratic senate that won't pass it.

    Keep up the good work Mike!!

  • Reload - 9 years ago

    I didn't vote for him the first time but I will next election. Our current spending is unsustainable, a term that liberals think only applies to the environment. Obama has quadrupled the national debt in 5 fast years. Don't even think about blaming Bush, lefties. Obama owns this all by himself.

  • Krista Wilhelmsen - 9 years ago

    How can anyone take your poll seriously..... Fox News has a very bigoted audience. If you took a poll of turkeys about who doesn't want to be eaten for Thanksgiving dinner, it would be just about as unbiased. I've often heard Fox News called Faux News.... think about it.

  • Mark Ellis - 9 years ago

    Senator Lee is one of the few and the only Utah federal representative with any backbone to stand up to the corruption in both of the major political parties. He is doing what he said he would do. He is trying to defend Americans from the budget busting, liberty cracking law of Obamacare. God bless him.

  • Kyle - 9 years ago

    I had lost all faith in every politician until Mike Lee and Rand Paul came along. Keep kicking @$$ Mike!!

  • Alex - 9 years ago

    Mike Lee is a great Man. I wish we had many more principled politicians like Senator Lee. He will be remembered as a great defender of our rights and Country.

  • Michael - 9 years ago

    I'd send him back in less then a heart beat, and another one another one just like him to replace Senator Hatch. Keep holding the line Senator Mike Lee, we support you.

  • Mike McGrath - 9 years ago

    Mike Lee is one of the only people in DC that is doing the right thing both financially and constitutionally. Why does this message not get brodcast?

  • Beth Whitaker - 9 years ago

    I wholeheartedly support Senator Lee in his taking a stand for constitutionally limited government, FOR protecting our neighborhood caucus system in Utah, and for our freedoms!

  • Sam - 9 years ago

    Mike Lee knows his stuff and is willing to stand for what is right - no matter what. I wish more people were like that.

  • Joan Day - 9 years ago

    I'd vote for Mike Lee in heart beat. He is one of the few who can save our Constitition! Socialism will destroy our freedom. We are headed down hill fast thanks to Orrin Hatch and others like him Boehner, McConnell, McCain, Graham, etc. They are too much like the progressives on the left.

  • Judy - 9 years ago

    Too bad you didn't have a Hell No button!

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