Who would win Captain Comet or Superman

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  • Enuff Said - 5 years ago

    Sorry I luv superman but he would not stand a chance..... Paaaalease ppl
    Captain Comet WINS
    Captain Comet is the pinnacle of human evolution. He has evolved mental functions and Physiology. ◾ Teleportation: Captain Comet can now teleport instantly to anywhere in the universe. However, Comet must rest for five minutes after teleporting a short distance, and for one hour after teleporting a greater distance.
    ◾ Superhuman Strength
    ◾ Invulnerability
    ◾ Superhuman Stamina
    ◾ Telepathy: A gift that enables him to read people's minds, communicate with his thoughts, and control minds.
    ◾ Clairvoyance: Captain Comet's brain also contains evolved sensory centers enabling him to "see" events outside of his range of sight, or even, in a limited way, see the future. If he focuses on clairvoyance he can see up to a 100,000 years into the future. [citation needed]
    ◾ Mind Control
    ◾ Telekinesis: An ability that enables him to use his thoughts to move, lift, and manipulate objects. ◾ Telekinetic Matter Alteration: The ability to alter matter (usually in the form of creating and dispelling clothing) without having any physical contact with it.
    ◾ Telekinetic Flight: The ability to mentally lift himself upwards to fly at high-speed; in the space he can travel in interplanetary speed.
    ◾ Telekinetic Force-Fields: He can create barriers of psychic force to deflect most physical attacks, and His telekinetic shields can be used to simultaneously protect himself from the vacuum of space, while surrounding himself with an aura of oxygen to breathe.
    ◾ Psionic Energy Bursts: He can fire bursts of psionic energy that strike a target with concussive impact or energy of various forms, such as electricity or fire.

    ◾ Sense of Strength: Allows Captain Comet to know a target's powers, weaknesses and skills, or to gauge how difficult a task will be.
    ◾ Vibro-Sense: An ability which allows him to read the emotions of others.
    ◾ Genius Level Intellect: Captain Comet possesses a comprehensive intellect well in advance of that of the average human.
    ◾ Eidetic Memory He has a photographic memory, and is a prodigy with the ability to master any skill upon his first attempt.

    ◾ Hand-to-Hand Combat (Advanced): He is also a highly skilled hand-to-hand combat

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