Is media still an attractive career path?

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  • Tom Toher - 9 years ago

    Thank God for the honesty and realism of Keith Rattray. The media industry, particularly on the media owner side, have long since abandoned competing for the brightest and best entry level job candidates. Starting pay is shocking when compared to the average staring salary for a grad being £28k (in London) and the long term prospects and training on offer elsewhere are far superior. Add to that the short termism of the industry and the blatent age discrimination that is widespread and institutionalised throughout, why would anybody expecting to have to work into their 60's even consider it. I concede that there are many worse ways to make a living but media has long since relinquished being a really attractive, long term career option. The people who influence and lead in this industry really do need to wake up and smell the coffee.

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