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  • Debra Simmons - 9 years ago

    Hi Latrivia,

    As one of your biggest fans I am desperately awaiting Dmitry Medlov V6, but I know a good story takes time to develop which is one of the main reasons your Medlov series is so good! Please don't rush it to appease the masses and lose the beauty of the storytelling in the long-run, as much as I want to read the next volume I will just have to wait and I'll probably wait until you get a few more sequels out before I try to read it. I'm one of those readers who reads a series one volume after another, so while I want to know what happens next I'll just have read something else until Dmitry comes back. So you just chill and take your time Latrivia, I'm not going anywhere! Love you and all of your stories.

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